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Campeonato Sudamericano Stage 2 Roundup: Furious Gaming and Isurus clinch Copa Elite Six spots

Stage 2 of the Campeonato Sudamericano is now over.

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Find out more about the Campeonato Sudamericano and how Furious Gaming and Isurus qualified for the upcoming Copa Elite Six in this article.

Isurus sneak into top two, Pampas out

Last stage’s South American hopefuls Pampas missed out on the top two this time around, with Isurus taking their place in the last week of competition.

Isurus made their way into the Sudamericano by picking up Nocturns roster after the organization closed its doors in April. Following Isurus’ pick up, the team signed former Brazilian tier two players Joao “Gaspro” Pedro and Vicente “vcntx” Bonomo.

Under Nocturns, the team finished the first stage in seventh place. However, under the Isurus banner, and with the Brazilian signings, the team improved drastically.

Unlike Pampas, whose main problem was consistency against mid-table and bottom rosters, Isurus have shone for their positive performances against them. On the other hand, the sharks deflated against their top two opposition, as the team’s only two defeats came against Furious Gaming (3-7) and Pampas (2-7).

But despite that, even after beating both Furious Gaming and Isurus, Pampas will miss out after losses throughout the stage against Newstar, Malvinas Gaming, and Maycam Evolve.

It also means that South America’s main representation at the Global Standings will miss out on the second stage of the Copa Elite Six, as Pampas got 225 SI Points in the first stage.

Furious Gaming qualify for Copa Elite Six

Furious Gaming will be in this month’s Copa Elite Six despite another weak start to the competition.

Just like in the first stage, Furious Gaming’s super team was beaten by Pampas and Leviatán. However, they managed to turn things around by defeating all of their opponents on the final four play days of the stage.

With Furious Gaming qualifying for this stage’s Copa Elite Six, they also secured at least 115 SI Points more to their tally after getting 180 in the first stage.

This will also be the Paraguayan superstar Richard “blk” Rodríguez’s third CES appearance. Federico “Pechito” Miller will also continue to be one of the few players that has never missed a Copa Elite Six, making him one of the veterans in the South American scene.

Leviatán choke… again

Leviatán’s history in the Sudamericano is special. After going winless for the first two stages, Leviatán avoided relegation last season after winning the relegation match.

This year, Leviatán have had one of the best squads in the championship. They beat Furious Gaming twice, and have always given Pampas a tough fight. The squad has led the championship on multiple occasions, but they somehow always fall off the top two on the final play day.

In the first stage, a surprising 1-7 loss against Newstar saw Leviatán fall from first to third, with Pampas and Furious qualifying for the stage’s Copa Elite Six. This time, a maximum overtime victory over Newstar moved Leviatán up from second to fourth.

Leviatán have some of the best players in the competition statistically speaking, but we won’t be able to see them clash with Brazilian rosters if they don’t manage to solve their issues in those crucial moments in the future.

Malvinas Gaming roster falls apart

While Isurus Brazilian project has found success, Malvinas Gaming’s one has missed out on the Copa Elite Six on its second try. Vitor “Kurtz” Monteiro and Pedro “naka” Nakasone joined the team before the beginning of the stage, but Malvinas Gaming are still far away from where the roster wants to be.

Malvinas Gaming went winless for the first three play days, and suddenly found some momentum by defeating Pampas, Maycam Evolve, and Hawks.

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