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Stats of the week: BibooAF dominates with +10 K-D, first “six-round game” in four years played

With Stage 2 nearing its end, here are some of the standout statistics behind the previous week of professional games.

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As the five main leagues start winding down, here’s a rundown of some of the standout numbers behind this week’s results.

Player of the Week

The player of the week is undeniably Bastien "BiBooAF" Dulac, who secured the best Rating of all players across the world. Additionally, his 12 kills to two deaths on Hibana gave Wolves the result they needed to qualify for the Berlin Major, becoming the first European team to do so.

In LATAM, all four games featured Brazilian teams beating Mexican or Argentinian-majority opponents in the Copa Elite Six, leading to some rather large best-of-three Ratings. The most notable of these was from Ninjas in Pyjamas’ Gabriel "pino" Fernandes, as he got a 1.74 rating, including 28 kills, a 1.40 KPR average, and two clutches, all while playing Sledge and Valkyrie.

Finally, in APAC the award goes to Spear’s Minseong "RoyBoy" Koo. Though he got a lower SiegeGG Rating than REJECT’s Tadanari "tadaNiki" Uezato -- 1.71 compared to 1.72 -- he did win two separate 1v2 clutches in his team’s first win of the stage.

First professional six-round game in four years?

As well as being a rather remarkable return to form for G2 Esports, their 7-0 victory over Outsiders also stands out as only six rounds were played.

Round three was cut due to a technical pause before the first kill occurred, leading it to be forfeited by Outsiders. This means only six rounds were actually played out in G2’s 7-0 win.

The last time it was possible to win a map in just six played rounds was back during Season 8 of the ESL Pro League in 2018. This means that the last professional map to end in six rounds was in the Season 8 semi-finals between G2 and Fnatic, where FNC lost 0-6, 0-6 with their coach standing in.

The last time an entire match ended with just six rounds played out was on October 25th, 2018, when G2 beat Supremacy 6-0 despite substituting in their analyst Daniel "Ferral" Rotheram for Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen. This means that the last four six-round map wins in a row have all come from G2, despite four years separating wins.

Team kill rate

While the statistic is somewhat meaningless when considering how rare it is, it is still somewhat interesting to look at where team kills and suicides happen the most.

Across all of the Stage 2 games played so far, there have been 49 team kills or suicides across the five main leagues. While the North American League has seen the most (11), it’s also had the most rounds played.

Looking at a per round basis, this is how common these rather embarrassing situations are:

  • BR6 -- 9 across 513 rounds, so 1 per 57 rounds or 1 per 5.0 games
  • NAL -- 11 across 519 rounds, so 1 per 47.18 rounds or 1 per 4.09 games
  • EUL -- 10 across 378 rounds, so 1 per 37.8 rounds or 1 per 3.5 games
  • APAC-L -- 19 across 553 rounds, so 1 per 29.12 rounds or 1 per 2.53 games APAC-S -- 9 across 282 rounds, so 1 per 31.33 rounds or 1 per 2.67 games APAC-N -- 10 across 271 rounds, so 1 per 27.1 rounds or 1 per 2.4 games
  • Total -- 49 total across 1963 rounds, so 1 per 40.06 rounds or 1 per 3.48 games

NA Challenger League stars

Over the weekend, the North American Challenger League ended with Aqualix claiming the Stage 2 title over Luminosity Gaming, with the latter team now leading the season-long standings.

As well as playing to get closer to the NACL Finals and the competition’s prize money, the NACL was also a chance for players to show off their ability ahead of the upcoming transfer window in August. Here are some of the players who impressed:

Gasher and Saikosys

Statistically, the reason why Aqualix won the league was clear, as Gasher and Saikosys ended with SiegeGG Ratings of 1.21 and 1.19 compared to their next-best teammate at 0.97. This makes them the third and fourth highest rated players in the whole league, with nine clutches and a kill differential of 46 between them.


After winning Stage 1 on Wichita Wolves, the Mexican player “SilentEndz” (not to be confused with the Canadian player who previously played for Mirage) ended Stage 2 in second place and took several individual accolades. This is as he was the tournament’s standout player, securing the most kills, the highest KPR figure, and the best kill differential, and thus earned the league’s top SiegeGG Rating.


While he did slow down in the latter half of the stage, Dexter’s entry statistics were well ahead of the rest of the league’s players. The Brazilian player earnt 28 opening kills across the tournament, which was the most of any player, despite missing a game.

Xeno and doq

The two teammates from Nokturns both finished within the top-eight by individual SiegeGG Ratings, with doq excelling on the soft breach role in his tier-two debut season.


Only one player tied Dexter’s entry differential, SilentEndz’s teammate on LG, Ferda. The Canadian player had 15 opening kills to just three opening deaths, as well as the tournament’s best KOST percentage, while primarily playing Flores and Mute.

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