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Stats of the Charlotte Major: Something has to be done about Finka, Team Liquid excel in individual performance metrics

Let's look at the stats of the Charlotte Major.

Now that the dust has settled, let's take a look at some of the statistics from the Charlotte Major and infer some talking points. 

Something has to be done about Finka

Finka has been a pain point for professional players for months now. Her LMG is oppressive, her gadget allows attackers to swallow chip damage against the smaller damage of defender guns, and she has frag grenades. Don't forget about the Gonne 6! She can clear three shields by herself if they're unguarded by

Of SiegeGG's top ten highest-rated players in the tournament, five of them mained Finka on attack. Curiously, there were two Hibana mains in there. A Maverick, a Sledge, and a Zofia rounded out the other two spots. The Major MVP, Rob "Panbazou" Feliciano, mained Finka. 

Finka's ability to take opening engagements is second to none. Out of all the oppressive entry operators over the years, Twitch with the F2, old Ash with R4-C ACOG, Finka might just be the most oppressive. The numbers don't lie, she was by far and away the most influential operator at the tournament. 

Something has to be done about this operator, specifically. Attacker repick has opened up new strategical choices for the attacker, and we're seeing more varied and creative attacks than ever before. However, there is one mainstay: Finka. Her ban rate was 11 percent and her pick rate a staggering 75 percent. The next closest operator in pick rate was Sledge, with 58 percent. She's too strong to ignore at this point, changes to her kit cannot come fast enough. 

Three Team Liquid players place inside top ten in SiegeGG Rating

Liquid is one of the best teams in the world, and have been searching for that elusive Major title for years now. It seems like a matter of time for them, especially given their statistical brilliance at every tournament. 

Three members of their team finished inside the top ten in SiegeGG Rating -- Luccas "Paluh" Molina, Pablo "resetz" Oliveira, and Gabriel "AsK" Santos. Paluh was the second highest rated player at the event, resetz and AsK eighth and ninth, respectively. 

Every single Major tournament seems to end up the same. Liquid absolutely blow some teams out of the water and completely crush their foes, but fall short of the finish lines with some uncharacteristic struggles. This tournament, their struggles came against DarkZero, who they romped on in map one, with a 7-1 scoreline. 

DarkZero beat every number one seed at the tournament en route to the title

Astralis, NA's No. 1 seed. Team Liquid, LATAM's No. 1 seed. Heroic, EU's No. 1 seed. All fell to DarkZero during their title run.

Was Team oNe hobbled during their quarterfinals matchup with DarkZero? Yes. Was w7m playing against them on absurd amounts of ping? Also yes. 

That doesn't diminish the run DarkZero had against the teams they played on LAN. Defeating a pair of number one seeds from each region happens, but rarely does a team defeat every single number on seed in the tournament. Given, Elevate wasn't able to make the event, but still -- technically correct is the best kind of correct.

G2 were the only team in the tournament without a Finka main

After all the dust settled, G2 was the only team without someone who primarily played Finka. An interesting factiod, seeing as how the SiegeGG Rating of Finka mains correlated well with the teams' final placements. 


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