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Spacestation Gaming opt against signing Dexter after Gamers8 trial

SSG have seemingly gone with another, more experienced player.

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Spacestation Gaming have opted against signing Brazilian hot prospect Lorenzo "Dexter" as a replacement for Alexander "Skys" Magor.

The news was announced by SSG on Twitter and Dexter himself via a TwitLonger. He revealed that SSG opted to try out a more experienced player that had recently been dropped. According to Dexter, SSG also found it easier to fit this player in when it came to in-game roles.

Dexter had been signed for a trial at the Gamers8 event, which had largely been a decent success for SSG. While they did not win, the young Brazilian himself had a decent performance after growing into the team.

He revealed that SSG had told him that he was to be made a permanent part of their roster "for sure" after Gamers8 and that he had "moved in" to the SSG residence. However, the team opted to go with the more experienced player instead.

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