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Soniqs and CAG become final two teams to qualify for Six Invitational 2023 via Global Standings

All 16 teams are now known!

Spacestation Gaming's elimination from the Six Jönköping Major means that both Soniqs and CYCLOPS athlete gaming have qualified for the upcoming Six Invitational in Feb. 2023. 

This comes as SSG needed to win the whole Six Major in order to overtake the top-seeded American and APAC rosters in the SI Points table. With them out of the tournament, there are no remaining teams who can overtake CAG and Soniqs in the top 16 of the Global SI Points standings.

This is a major result for CYCLOPS after a fairly promising Jönköping Major performance, while Soniqs will now have three months to prepare for the Six Invitational 2023 where they will likely be one of the tournament favourites.

This result also means we now know for sure how many teams from each region will be attending SI 2023:

  • EU (7) -- Wolves, Rogue, BDS, G2, Heroic, MNM, and one qualifier team
  • NA (6) -- DZ, Astralis, XSET, OxG, Soniqs, and one qualifier team
  • LATAM (4) -- w7m, FaZe, Liquid, and one qualifier team
  • APAC (3) -- Elevate, CYCLOPS, and one qualifier team

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