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SiegeGG Jönköping Major MVP: Shaiiko

Once banned, Shaiiko is now a Major-winner and tournament MVP.

Image: Ubisoft/Joao Ferreira

After an incredible run through the past six days that culminated in a 3-2 grand-final win, Stéphane "Shaiiko" Lebleu is SiegeGG’s Most Valuable Player of the Jönköping Major. 

The legendary Frenchman barely even made it to the playoff stage after failing to beat FURY on the final day by a large enough margin. The relief on his face was visible when it was revealed his team had made it through, especially since his underperformance in the six BO1 games had been a key reason BDS found themselves in trouble.

However, that seemed to galvanise Shaiiko. After the one-day break, he roared back in the form that we have come to expect from him -- the form that has given him over 100 kills in multiple stages of EUL play.

His contributions were incredibly powerful in the 2-0 quarter-final win against Wolves Esports, where he was the best player with a SiegeGG Rating of 1.38, a plus 13 K-D, and a plus four entry. He was also vital in the 2-1 win over Soniqs in the semi-final, with a SiegeGG Rating of 1.12.

In the grand-final, Shaiiko had a SiegeGG Rating of 1.30 -- an incredible figure against the titans that are Team Liquid. He had a mind-boggling plus 22 K-D and a plus six entry in the match and was undoubtedly one of the key reasons for BDS's title win.


SiegeGG also awards Exceptionally Valuable Player awards to those who also performed impressively, but fell marginally short of the MVP accolade.

 Luccas "Paluh" Molina: Paluh was kept quiet in the grand-final by Team BDS, but his statistics before the final game were jaw-dropping. The legendary Brazilian player  came into the grand-final 0.19 SiegeGG Rating points ahead of the next-best player that was about to play in the match -- Shaiiko himself.

 Théo "LikEfac" Mariano: LikEfac was apparently the missing piece for Team BDS, who had never even made it to a grand-final before his signing. Only in his rookie stage, he has now helped his new team get to and win a Major grand-final.

 Diego "Kheyze" Zanello: Undoubtedly one of the best players of this entire stage, Kheyze had a remarkable performance at this tournament. He finished with the third-highest SiegeGG Rating overall and the second-highest Rating amongst all playoff players.

 Gustavo "HerdsZ" Herdina: Kheyze's teammate was almost in lockstep with him and finished just 0.01 Rating points behind Kheyze with similarly incredible performances throughout the tournament, including a historic 18-point flawless group stage.

  Pablo "Gryxr" Rebeil: The only North American on this list, Gryxr made it as far as the semi-finals before falling to eventual champions Team BDS. He was key to Soniqs' performances and finished with a jaw-dropping plus 40 K-D, the second-highest SiegeGG Rating in the entire tournament, and the highest Rating amongst the playoff players.

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