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SiegeGG Charlotte Major 'Best Sign' contest: The votes are IN

Nearly a thousand people cast their votes.

Last week we asked you who you thought had the best sign at the Charlotte Major, out of four options we had selected. We asked you to vote and you very much obliged.

Let's have another look at the four options that had been on the table:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

(Photo: @JosephM84729999, Twitter)

Option 4

(Photo: Ubisoft/Eric Anamalay) 

After three days of voting and nearly 1000 votes, we have our selection... 

Option 2 collected the most votes by a fair margin and the creator will receive $50 in R6 Credits as a result! SiegeGG will be contacting you shortly via Twitter.

Option 2 is a sign that was simple, classy, and near to all of our hearts. Michael "KiXSTAr" Stockley was one of the most positive figures in our community and his loss has left a hole in all of our hearts. He touched many lives, whether through the screen or in person, and would have likely loved to reconnect with the Siege community during the first LAN with crowds since SI 2020.

That sign speaks to us all. We miss you, KiXSTAr.