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Siege players enraged following the release of a recolored MUTE Protocol bundle

Ubisoft thought it was a brilliant idea to release last year’s MUTE Protocol bundles in different colors

MUTE Protocol banner

The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege community was looking forward to the return of the time-limited game mode MUTE Protocol, which pushes players to climb through the gun tiers to reach the golden hammer. Despite the hype, many players instantly lost interest after seeing the “new” cosmetics included in Ubisoft’s newest playlist.

It’s not uncommon to see Ubisoft re-releasing event bundles when these time-limited game modes make a brief return to the game. However, the community has been in shock after seeing that Ubisoft only changed the colors of last year’s bundles. As the popular R6 Share skin designer MadeByKOOBI pointed out on X (formerly Twitter), Ubisoft’s decision could be economical.

The Betatron Annihilator

For the first time in a Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege time-limited game mode, Ubisoft added a Memento Weapon skin.

This unique gun cosmetic can only be acquired by first obtaining all of the MUTE Protocol cosmetics — which can only be purchased with R6 Credits, also known as real money. Therefore, not releasing last year’s cosmetics while re-launching them in different colors pushes the community to re-acquire them to complete the whole MUTE Protocol collection.

For instance, if you already had last year’s bundles and these were counted to obtain the Memento Weapon skin, you would only have to purchase three bundles to acquire the gun cosmetic.

Although players will be able to get free MUTE Protocol packs to increase their tally of event cosmetics, the fans have already spoken about Ubisoft’s decision to change the colors of last year’s bundles to make them look different.

KudosOnYT, a Siege content creator, mentioned that bundles like the one for Oryx have been just re-colored. In this agent’s case, his bundle has been changed from red to purple.

Despite the player’s complaints regarding, many fans have praised the work made by Ubisoft after seeing the brand-new bundles. Unfortunately, the recolor situation has completely stolen the show.

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