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Rogue qualify for Berlin Major playoffs, eliminate NiP

Rogue joins G2 as the second European team in the final eight.

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Rogue have beaten NiP 7-4 to guarantee a top-two finish in Group A and a quarter-final appearance on Friday.

This comes after the Europeans previously beat DWG KIA (7-2, 8-6) but lost versus NiP (5-7) and split points with XSET (7-4, 4-7). This puts them on 11 points, well ahead of NiP, on just six points meaning they have locked in second place.

NiP vs XSET still remains to be played in this group, but this won't have any impact on the final standings.

This is Rogue's first international appearance since the team finished 13-16th at the Six Invitational and exited the Sweden Major in the semi-finals. Since then, the team has changed three members and finished Stage 2 of the European League in second place.

Now they will progress into the quarter-finals alongside XSET, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, w7m Esports, Elevate, FURIA Esports, and either Wolves or Oxygen Esports.

For NiP this was their first event since Gustavo "Wizard" Gomes joined the roster. While it was a promising performance, this means they will end the event as the lowest-ranked Brazilian roster, only ahead of DWG KIA in their group.

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