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Rainbow Six Siege to add free-cam feature in Year 8

Get ready for some amazing frag movies.

Amongst the bevy of features coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Year 8, Ubisoft will also be adding a “free-cam” feature to the game as seen in the Year 8 roadmap. It is unclear when the change will be added to the game, however.

The upcoming free-cam feature was shared by Business Strategy and Live Performance Director Mohammed Benhenneda, who expressed his team’s desire to “work better with content creators” and provide them with “the right tools” to improve their content creation.

The free-cam system will allow observers to move the camera without the confines of the current system. In the current system, observers can only watch the match through a player's viewpoint, have differently angled and zoomed (but locked) views of a player moving, or have different angled and zoomed views of portions of the map.

This is a change that will delight the content creator community and will drastically reduce the difficulty in creating Counter-Strike styled "frag movies". It is a change that could also help Rainbow Six esports become more accessible, with the current observation tools often limited and tough for new viewers to grasp. 

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