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Rainbow Six Siege poll reveals community's favorite hard breacher

Hard breaching is very important in Siege, but who is the best at it?

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Rainbow Six Siege is a game with over 60 operators, but just four of them deal with hard breaching responsibilities. Ubisoft recently created a poll to see which hard breacher is the favorite.

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What is a hard breacher in Rainbow Six Siege?

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A hard breacher in Rainbow Six Siege is an operator that can open any reinforced surface in the game. Currently, Rainbow Six Siege has four hard breachers: Thermite, Hibana, Maverick, and Ace.

Hard breachers' main focus is opening the key walls that defenders have reinforced during the preparation phase. Keep in mind these probably electrify or jam them with the help of operators like Kaid, Bandit, or Mute, so a hard breacher will always need the help of his partner in crime Thatcher to make things easier. If Thatcher is banned, Kali, Twitch, or Flores are some good options to replace the S.A.S operator.

To be the perfect hard breacher, you must focus on the support tasks. Forget about fragging unless it's needed. Drones are your best friends.

What's Rainbow Six Siege's favorite hard breacher?

Ubisoft's most recent poll has revealed that the community's favorite hard breacher is Ace.

It is a shocking result. Historically, Thermite has been possibly the most powerful or the most meta hard breacher in the game. Including two Exothermic Charges, Thermite can open any hatch or wall in the game. Due to the power of the charges' explosion, Thermite can also destroy a reinforcement by placing his gadget on the soft surface next to it. An example is Club's Armory hatch, which is usually electrified by a Kaid Electroclaw.

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On top of that, Thermite has also access to two smoke grenades, which makes him a very good planter too. He is so iconic that the Charlotte Major trophy had Thermite's shape.

But it seems that the community has a new favorite hard breacher. Ace is a very versatile operator thanks to his three S.E.L.M.A's. With them, he can open up to three walls — or a wall and a hatch. He has also access to two Claymores or three soft breaching charges, and his weapon kit is also very strong.

Hibana and Maverick have finished behind Ace and Thermite with a combined voting percentage of 24,5.

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