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Rainbow Six Siege Doktor's Curse: Everything You Need To Know

Doktor's Curse is back!

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Doktor's Curse is back to Rainbow Six Siege! Our favorite monsters are back to haunt (and hunt) us in the game. Are you ready to die from a Parasitic Iana?

The game mode will be open from Oct. 13 to Nov. 3. Here's everything you need to know about Doktor's Curse!

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What is Doktor's Curse?

Doktor's Curse is a 5v5 hide-and-seek game mode, which is different from any other playlist in Rainbow Six Siege.

In Doktor's Curse, the monsters run away from the hunters. Generally, the monsters are trap operators with tweaked gadgets. Meanwhile, the hunters are attackers whose devices are useful when it comes to finding the enemy locations.

How to play Doktor's Curse?

In Doktor's Curse, the hunters run after the monsters during the round. If the hunters get to kill all of the monsters before the end of the round, the hunters take the win. However, if the monsters survive, they take the win. The first side to win three rounds wins.

Here are a few tips to get the best out of your Doktor's Curse experience!

Monsters, move smartly!

If you're a monster, you must know how to move around the map.

Doktor's Curse unique version of Theme Park is based on its old looks. Certainly, you will feel small differences to the map you play on Ranked!

Learning how to move around the map is important, as well as using your unique abilities. Every monster can turn invisible three times in a single round, an ability that comes in handy when the hunters are close.

Use trap operators

If you're a monster, trap operators are your best allies. Operators like Kapkan, Frost, and Lesion can hurt and slow down the hunters, which makes the difference between a loss and a win.

Use anti-roamer attackers

Meanwhile, if you're a hunter, anti-roamer operators will make your job easier. Operators like Jackal and Lion are useful and will help you locate the monsters on the map.

Doktor's Curse best skins

Doktor's Curse's skins are very popular in Rainbow Six Siege. We have gathered our favorite five cosmetics here!

Parasitic Existence

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Iana's headgear "Parasitic "Existence" is part of her Infection Bundle. We expect this set of cosmetics to be the most popular one in this year's edition of Doktor's Curse!

Trigger Hair

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Aruni's Trigger Hair skin for her Mk 14 EBR Marksman Rifle can also be used for Dokkaebi.

Ghoulish Strength

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Thorn's Doktor's Curse unique bundle includes a headgear where he's holding a 20 KG dumbbell with her mouth. Scary!


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The Flesh-Seeker gun skin for Iana's G36C Assault Rifle included in her Infection bundle can also be used on Ash! If that wasn't enough of a reason to purchase the bundle, this is the only animated Doktor's Curse skin.

Forever Cursed

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Nomad's Doktor's Curse headgear was one of the best in last year's edition. Although we have had new additions, this is still fire!

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