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Rainbow Six Siege community suggests some spicy voice lines for Finka, Jager, more

Who deserves an f-bomb?

Rainbow Six Siege swearing

Rainbow Six Siege is about more than intense gameplay. It's also about the operators, each with their own unique abilities, loadouts, and personalities.

You've probably noticed that every operator has their own unique voice lines that show off their personality and provide some insight into their lore. But some Rainbow Six Siege fans are looking to spice up the operator dialogue with some expletives. 

Cosplayer and Siege Champion Dawn recently asked the rest of the Rainbow Six Siege community which operator they'd choose to give "one f-bomb" in a voice line. 

One fan proposed that the f-bomb be given to Jager to be used in his iconic voice line: "You don't have to worry about grenades now." His devices can intercept live grenades and will sometimes say this voice line when deploying it. 

Some suggested that Jager just yell out the f-bomb loudly any time someone on his team dies from a grenade. One player said Castle could be a good candidate, yelling it out whenever he gets shot loud enough to be heard across the entire map. Or Kaid saying he's "too f—ing old for this crap." 

Finka screaming "get the f— up" when she stims a downed player was another funny option fans thought of on Twitter. Another thought of Doc saying: "For f—s sake, I’m not wasting another stim on you!”

Another funny f-bomb suggestion was having it be Mute's only line in the entire game. 

One operator may already say the f-word in a voice line: Hibana. The Rainbow Six Siege community has discussed the possibility of her saying: "A really big f—ing hole coming right up." This voice line may only be available in certain game modes. 

Another existing f-bomb belongs to Clash. The operator is known for her "edgy" voice lines, which had some players angry in the past. While some found her to be "toxic," others clearly want even more swearing in Rainbow Six Siege if it's used in an impactful or humorous way. 


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