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R6 North Rainbow Rumble Europe League Qualifier - Dates, format, teams, and more

The Europe League Qualifier will kick off today.

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Rainbow Six Siege's second off-season tournament in Europe is expected to begin today with the Europe League Qualifier. Six out of the ten top-flight teams in Europe have been invited to the qualifier as only two rosters will move to the main event.

What is R6 North Rainbow Rumble?

R6 North Rainbow Rumble is the second of Europe's two off-season tournaments, with the first one being R6 Central Combine. It will allow Tier 2 rosters to play against some of the best teams in the world. Moreover, the prize pool is almost as big as last year's European Challenger League.

To compete in R6 North Rainbow Rumble, teams will be allowed to compete in different qualifiers to move to the main event. Starting from today, six top-flight teams will have the chance to qualify for the Finals.

R6 North Rainbow Rumble - Europe League Qualifier

While the Europe League has ten teams in total, only six are going to feature in tomorrow's R6 North Rainbow Rumble Europe League Qualifier.

Here's a brief look at the competitors, match schedule, and more:


#flag@20:eu G2 Esports - Alem4o, Doki, Virtue, Benjamaster, Gemini, Fabian (Coach), Titan (Analyst)

#flag@20:fr Wolves Esports - BiBoo, Mowwwgli, P4, Shiinka, DEADSHT, Lyloun (Coach), Helbee (Assistant Coach)

#flag@20:eu TT9 Esports - Leonski, azzr, noa, Kendrew, Sloth.

#flag@20:ru - Always, p4sh4, dan, JoyStiCK, ShepparD, Zheka (Coach), ViKiNG (Analyst)

#flag@20:eu Heroic - UUNO, jume, BlaZ, Kayak, Skiddy, Mrofficer88 (Coach), Anarchic (Strategic Coach)

#flag@20:eu WYLDE - AceeZ, Hungry, Jeggz, T3b, Pacbull, Zeus (Coach), Sleepy (Analyst)

Despite playing in Saudi Arabia in two weeks, G2 Esports have decided to take part in today's qualifiers. It will be the first time the roster features in an official competition with Luigi "Gemini" Ferrigno, whose signing was announced on Jul. 27.

Both TT9 Esports and Wolves Esports are expected to compete with stand-ins, as announced on Twitter earlier this week.

In the case of TT9 Esports, the European roster will compete with Leon "Leonski" Snikkers instead of Juhani "Kantoraketti" Toivonen.

Meanwhile, it's still unclear what will be Wolves Esports' change heading to today's qualifier.

Finally,, Heroic, and WYLDE complete the tournament.

Unfortunately, Team BDS, KOI, Team Secret, and MNM Gaming will not compete in today's qualifier. While MNM Gaming and Team BDS will probably focus on the Japan Invitational and the Gamers8, respectively, Team Secret and KOI are going through roster changes.


R6 North Rainbow Rumble's qualifier for Europe League teams will be held from Jul. 1 to Jul. 2.

Format and Schedule

Today, the six Europe League teams in the qualifier will face off in a group stage. The four best teams in the group will move to the playoffs, which will be played on Jul. 2.


The matches will be broadcasted by the selected community casters. Check out their channels for more information about the games!

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