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Quick Match

Quick Match is Rainbow Six Siege’s casual playlist.

Operation Heavy Mettle’s arrival is introducing new changes to some of Rainbow Six Siege’s playlists, including Quick Match. As Ubisoft calls it Quick Match 2.0, this update brings multiple features that will make the casual experience a bit more fast and fresh.

What’s Quick Match?

Quick Match is Rainbow Six Siege’s casual playlist. It’s a safe space for inexperienced players who have started the game recently as here they will discover the basics of the game.

Quick Match vs Quick Match 2.0 - What’s the difference?

Operation Heavy Mettle is bringing major updates to Quick Match, including a reduced Preparation and Action Phases, pre-reinforced walls, and pre-made rotations to walls.

Arguably, the main talking point of Operation Heavy Mettle’s update to Quick Match is the introduction of pre-made rotations and pre-reinforced walls. With this, Ubisoft is aiming to teach the most inexperienced players where should the reinforcements and the rotations be placed while also giving them the option to make their own reinforcements.

At the same time, Ubisoft is reducing the Preparation Phase timer, which means the players have to spend 15 seconds less on their drones.

The Action Phase time has also been reduced, as it has gone from three minutes to two minutes and 45 seconds.

Is Quick Match 2.0 better than Quick Match?

Quick Match 2.0 comes to the game with the idea of helping newcomers to understand how Rainbow Six Siege works. The introduction of pre-reinforced walls and pre-made rotations is a clear example.

Meanwhile, the 30 seconds reduction of every round will make the matches feel quicker, which is one of Ubisoft’s objectives in the short run.

Overall, we think that Quick Match 2.0 could become better than Quick Match, but pre-reinforced walls and pre-made rotations will push away the most experienced players who used to play Quick Match for fun. Now, these players will have to play Standard.

Quick Match - Map Pool

Starting from Operation Heavy Mettle, this will be Quick Match’s map pool:

  • House
  • Clubhouse
  • Consulate
  • Bank
  • Chalet
  • Favela
  • Coastline
  • Tower
  • Villa
  • Nighthaven Labs

Although these are the current maps, Ubisoft could change the map pool for Quick Match in the upcoming months.

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