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Prepare for SI 2023 with SiegeGG Pro

Our January update has arrived.

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First of all, we congratulate all 20 teams to have successfully qualified for the Six Invitational 2023 and to compete in Montréal starting next week!

The January patch of our professional stats & analysis platform SiegeGG Pro was just released and we’re excited to share some of the key improvements.

Map by map player stats

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Player stats for matches are only available as an aggregate table for all maps played. But in BO3s and BO5s, such as the Six Major Jönköping final, player performance will vary from map to map.

To support you in breaking down map-based performance, both attack/defense and map filters are now available on matches within Pro.

Filterable player operator stats

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A player’s performance is critical in improving your own team and developing counter strategies against your opponents. Therefore, the operator stats for a player can now be filtered similar to team stats with filters such as time period, region, and tournament series.

Reversed repicks visualization

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Since its introduction in early 2022 and the removal of the Sixth Pick, repicks have been a vital instrument for teams to change their offensive strategy and operator lineup. While repicks are rarely publicly acknowledged, repick analysis helps break down a team’s strategies and behavior.

Later this year, we’re looking to completely revamp repick analysis to reveal even more details about a team’s behavior. For now though, you can flip the repick analysis direction, so you see which operators are replaced most in a team’s lineup.

Interested in Pro?

Are you part of a team that will attend the Six Invitational 2023? We’d love to get in touch to show you how SiegeGG Pro can reduce overhead in preparation for SI and also right there in Montréal.

If you haven’t qualified, don’t fret! We’re offering a 1-month free trial and are happy to provide you with the best tools on the market to qualify for upcoming events.

Be sure to check out to learn more and to contact us!

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