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NAL organization beastcoast releases roster, exits competitive Siege

The beastcoast journey in Rainbow Six Siege is at an end.

North American organization beastcoast today announced its decision to release its roster and exit the competitive Rainbow Six Siege scene.

While the decision to leave the scene was not made explicit in their statement, it was confirmed by beastcoast analyst Harry "Krux" Poyzer and IGL Spencer "Slashug" Oliver.

The decision comes in the wake of a disappointing 2022 season, where the team finished in sixth, then seventh, and 10th place in the respective three NAL stages.

Its players and staff are thus looking for a new team, while Ubisoft will likely seek to complete the 10-team NAL complement with the transfer of the beastcoast license to a new organization.

Beastcoast first joined the scene in 2018, before having a Siege hiatus in 2019 after Cloud9 signed its roster. It remained in the scene in the NAL from 2020, but now marks a second end to its journey.

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