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MW3 and Warzone Season 5 roadmap: All multiplayer and battle royale content

Here's the intel on the MW3 and Warzone Season 5 roadmap

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The reveal of the MW3 and Warzone Season 5 roadmap

For those who are hardcore multiplayer fans or prefer to stick to Warzone's battle royale action, Season 5 of the MW3 cycle is bound to contain a wealth of new content to spice up the Warzone meta and inject a breath of fresh air into multiplayer.

With that said, find everything about the MW3 and Warzone Season 5 roadmap in this guide.

MW3 and Warzone Season 5 roadmap release date

The MW3 and Warzone Season 5 roadmap went live on July 17th, 2024.

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MW3 and Warzone Season 5 content

Below is a full list of content players will see arriving throughout Season 5:


  • Superstore POI
  • Superstore Resurgence mode
  • Supreme Resurgence mode
  • Redeploy Drone Beacon field upgrade
  • Bounty Contest Public Event
  • Elite Contracts
  • Recon Flyover Public Event


  • Bait 6v6 map
  • Yard 6v6 map
  • Celship 6v6 map variant
  • Toonoxide 6v6 map variant
  • Ink House 6v6 map variant
  • Slam Deathmatch game mode
  • Arcade game mode
  • COD Warrior game mode
  • Fishfection game mode
  • Paintball game mode
  • Defuse or Destroy game mode
  • EMP Grendae
  • Final Modern Warfare zombies mission
  • New Dark Aether rift
  • New Classified Schematics

MW3 and Warzone

  • New Assault rifle (STG-44)
  • Static-HV SMG
  • Spear
  • Torque 35
  • Valeria Operator
  • Rhea Ripley Operator
  • Ivan Operator
  • Reckoner Operator
  • Conquest event
  • Echo Endo Live! Event
  • Wildlife Most Wanted Event
  • Emotional Overdrive Event
  • Cody Rhodes Operator
  • Rey Mysterio Operator
  • WWE SummerSlam event
  • New Aftermarket Parts

That's all there is to know about the MW3 and Warzone Season 5 roadmap. For more, check out our Warzone assault rifle tier list along with the best MW3 Superi 46 loadout for close-range combat.

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