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Mirage sign Dexter and Mohesse to complete roster ahead of Stage 3

Can the new Mirage do better?

Mirage today announced the signings of Lorenzo "Dexter" and Jesse "Mohesse" Sheffield, after having moved Zachary "Nyx" Thomas to a coaching role and parting ways with Emma "Marmalade" Peterson.

Dexter is a fairly new player to the Rainbow Six scene, having competed in his first significant tournament in Stage 2. After qualifying for the NA Challenger League while on the Leftovers roster, the roster was renamed to RentFree and became one of the best teams in Stage 2's tournament.

Alongside an ex-XSET and an ex-Tempo Storm player, Alex "Butterzz" O'Campo and Xavier "Filthy" Garcia, Dexter has been instrumental to his team's rise to fifth in the NACL with a 4-2-1-3 record.

While Dexter's overall rating wasn't league-best, he excelled on entry, securing 28 opening kills, including 19 opening offensive kills to just four opening offensive deaths.

Most recently he trialed for Spacestation Gaming at the Gamers8 event in Saudi Arabia, where they finished in joint-fifth-sixth with a lone win over DWG KIA.

Mohesse, meanwhile, has been competing in the Challenger League since Stage 2 last year on the Nokturns, Wichita Wolves, and Arial Arise organizations. They finished second, fifth-sixth, second, and eighth place across the four stages. 

During this time Mohesse teamed up with Roman "Forrest" Breaux and Seth "Callout" Mik, who are now on Astralis, and Read "Read" Adams, who previously played on eUnited and Disrupt Gaming in the ESL Pro League and NA League. 

During the most recent NACL stage, he was Arial Arise's top-rated player, competing on Sledge. 

These two now join a relegation-bound Mirage lineup who have 12 points compared to ninth placed TSM FTX on 19. 

The team's opening game of the season will come against Mirage on Tuesday followed by Astralis on Wednesday. 

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