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Malta Cyber Series VII Finals: Teams, dates, format, and more

The Malta Cyber Series VII Finals will take place this weekend.

Banner Image: Ubisoft / João F. @itsmeERROR

With the Malta Cyber Series VII Finals starting tomorrow, we have written a guide for you to not miss out on anything about Europe's next Rainbow Six Siege tournament.


The Malta Cyber Series VII Finals follow a double-elimination bracket. This means that rosters that are defeated in the Upper Bracket will have a second chance to reach the grand final through the Lower Bracket.

While the official match format hasn't been revealed yet, we expect every match to be BO3 until the grand final, which should be a BO5 match.


The Malta Cyber Series VII Finals will kick off on Mar. 8 and will end on Mar. 10.

The first matches of the Malta Cyber Series VII Finals will include the teams that qualified through the Last Chance Qualifiers, which are Team BDS, ENCE, Wolves Esports, and Team 86.


Six teams will compete in the Malta Cyber Series VII Finals, including the following:

G2 Esports

G2 Esports travel to Malta two weeks after the conclusion of the Six Invitational 2024. The European powerhouse finished in fourth place following a harsh defeat against the eventual champions w7m esports.

Looking at the whole year, G2 Esports has been a consistent side. The team competed in every international tournament played in Year 8 and reached the Atlanta and São Paulo semifinals. On paper, the team led by Karl "Alem4o" Zarth should be seen as the favorite to win this weekend.

Team Secret

Team Secret are headed to Malta after undergoing changes to their Rainbow Six Siege squad and coaching staff. While the roster's fifth player is yet to be announced, the former Heroic player Marc "Jume" Steinmann was the first addition to be unveiled. Moreover, the squad has yet to announce Marlos "Twister" Mello's partner in crime in Secret's coaching staff.

While winning is all that matters for teams, we think this initial competitive experience can be helpful for the new players to adapt and build a synergy right before the start of the Europe League 2024.

Team BDS

Team BDS is the squad that fans must follow closely in Malta. Earlier this week, the organization unveiled the signings of Faith "Solotov" Türker and Josh "Yuzus" Pritchard after the team missed out on the Six Invitational 2024.

While we have already seen both players in action for Team BDS in the MCS Open and Last Chance Qualifier, this will be the first time they play as official members of the roster. They will make their debut against Team 86 in the first match of the bracket.


Before being acquired by ENCE, Team Valor got the Last Chance Qualifiers' second seed after a successful Lower Bracket run. Only eight days before qualifying for Malta, the French-majority roster won the R6 South Breach as they defeated Team Secret twice.

The former Team Valor roster will debut under the ENCE banner against Wolves Esports in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. Curiously enough, the squad defeated them in the MCS VII Last Chance Qualifiers after both rosters met to determine their seeding at the Finals.

Wolves Esports

Wolves Esports' victory against w7m esports in the Upper Bracket First Round of the Six Invitational 2024 was a big statement from the French-majority roster. Unfortunately, the roster was sent home shortly after defeats against Soniqs and Team Bliss.

As we previously mentioned, Wolves Esports will make their debut in Malta against ENCE in a match that will include eight Frenchmen on the server.

Team 86

Team 86 is the only non-Europe League 2024 side in Malta. Therefore, the European roster is the favorite to finish at the bottom of the standings.

Alongside Team Valor and G Who, Team 86 was arguably the most consistent Tier 2 roster in Europe. The team competed in every European off-season tournament including the R6 Central Combine, the R6 North Rainbow Rumble, and the R6 South Breach. Additionally, they also competed in each one of last season's Europe League Open Qualifiers Playoffs.

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