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Key stats from Day 2 of the Jönköping Major: Kheyze running riot, APAC only region to stop Brazil

The numbers behind the madness.

Day one of the Six Jönköping Major is now over and here are some of the key numbers that came out from the day’s action.

Tuesday’s results:

Soniqs 7 - 4 CYCLOPS athlete gaming
Black Dragons e-Sports 7 - 4 MNM Gaming
Wolves Esports 7 - 2 Dire Wolves
FaZe Clan 7 - 2 Mirage
Heroic 7 - 1 SANDBOX Gaming
Team Liquid 7 - 5 TSM
Spacestation Gaming 7 - 1 FURY
w7m esports 7 - 5 Team BDS
Soniqs 7 - 5 MNM Gaming
CYCLOPS athlete gaming 7 - 5 Black Dragons e-Sports
Wolves Esports 7 - 4 Mirage
Dire Wolves 7 - 3 FaZe Clan
Heroic 7 - 1 TSM
Team Liquid 7 - 5 SANDBOX Gaming
w7m esports 7 - 3 FURY
Spacestation Gaming 7 - 4 Team BDS

Entry records -- w7m far above everyone else

Across the four games so far, w7m have been the masters of entry engagements and have won 29 out of 42 for a 69 percent win rate and plus 16 differential. This is way ahead of all other teams, despite w7m being in the “group of death”.

This is led by Kheyze, the MVP of day two, who tops all kill statistics in the league so far. He’s secured 13 opening kills to four opening deaths.

  • +16 -- w7m esports
  • +8 -- Team Liquid
  • +5 -- FaZe Clan
  • +3 -- Soniqs
  • +1 -- Spacestation Gaming
  • +0 -- Black Dragons
  • -1 -- MNM Gaming & Heroic
  • -2 -- Wolves Esports & CYCLOPS
  • -3 -- SANDBOX Gaming
  • -4 -- TSM & BDS
  • -5 -- Mirage
  • -8 -- Dire Wolves
  • -13 -- FURY

TSM and BDS are also notable, as they’ve both somewhat struggled and their figures show that. LikEfac, BriD, and Renshiro total a minus seven differential, while Merc is at minus three.

Heroic lead on defence

So far at this Major, Heroic have a 10-6 defensive record. This comes as two tied defensive halves on day one were followed by a 4-0 on the defence on Tuesday.

This has been helped by fantastic performances from Jume and UUNO, who have been the two best defensive players so far and have both outperformed Kheyze. Jume currently has 22 kills to seven deaths, while UUNO has 18 kills to eight deaths.

While they haven’t been achieving similar numbers on the attack, they are improving here. On day one, they won just four out of 12 rounds played on the attack, which improved to 10 out of 12 on Tuesday.

Best entry attacker: P4

The only other statistic Kheyze has been best at is the opening differential on the attack, as P4 earned seven kills to one death -- better than the w7m star’s six kills to one death. 


After day one ended with a 6-6-4-0 record for LATAM-EU-NA-APAC, Brazil today has kept up its ways while Europe has faltered. 

The lone defeated Brazilian teams were Black Dragons (against CAG) and FaZe Clan (against Dire Wolves). These two matches also marked APAC’s only victories. As LATAM’s losses yesterday came against Wolves and Soniqs, this means that APAC has a better win record against Brazil than any other region.

As it stands, Team Liquid, w7m, and FaZe from LATAM, Heroic, MNM, and Wolves from Europe, and both SSG and Soniqs from North America are in line to qualify for the playoffs. But, things can often change quickly.

Villa played for the first time

Today, w7m vs FURY (7-3) and Wolves Esports vs Dire Wolves (7-2) marked the first appearances of Villa at the Six Major. Both games were very one-sided, meaning its current offence-sidedness (47 percent) is likely not representative.

Across all nine maps, there has been a slight shift towards the defence. While on day one there was an overall 53.84 percent defensive win rate, this has now increased to 57.86 percent. This is because Tuesday alone had a 63.24 percent defensive win rate, one of the highest seen in any tournament.

Also of note is that none of the 16 maps went into overtime, another rare occasion, despite five matches ending in 7-5 results.

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