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Japan League 2024 Stage 1 Preview: Everything you need to know

The Japan League 2024 will kick off this week.

Banner Image: Ubisoft / João F. @itsmeERROR

The Japan League is back this week with the start of the 2024 season. As the region has undergone crucial changes since the last edition, we have prepared a brief guide on everything you need to know about the league, its teams, and how they can qualify for the BLAST R6 Major Manchester.


As unveiled by Ubisoft in Jan. 2024, the Japan League has been completely transformed.

In last season's group stage, the eight teams were split into two groups of four as the best three rosters from each group would move to the next stage. However, this format won't be used in the upcoming season as teams will first meet in a round-robin league with BO1 games.

Following the conclusion of the initial round-robin group stage, the first seed will qualify for the BLAST R6 Major Manchester. Meanwhile, teams between the region's second and fifth-best spots will move to the Last Chance Qualifier. Finally, the bottom three will fall to the Open Qualifier Playoffs.

Additionally, Ubisoft reduced the number of international spots given to Japan from three to two.


The Japan League 2024 Stage 1 will start on Mar. 16 and finish on Apr. 13. Following its conclusion, the teams will have a second chance to qualify for Manchester in the region's Last Chance Qualifier.

Prize Pool and SI Points

The Japan League 2024 Stage 1 prize pool will be ¥19,400,000 (USD$132,000). Here's how the prize pool and the Six Invitational Points will be divided depending on the team's final position on the standings.

  • 1st: USD$34,000 and 100 SI Points
  • 2nd: USD$23,840 and 95 SI Points
  • 3rd: USD$20,437 and 90 SI Points
  • 4th: USD$16,349 and 85 SI Points
  • 5th: USD$13,624 and 80 SI Points
  • 6th: USD$9,537 and 75 SI Points
  • 7th: USD$7,493 and 70 SI Points
  • 8th: USD$6,812 and 65 SI Points


The Japan League 2024 Stage 1 will include eight teams. Here's a brief look at all of them:


In their first season as professional players, SCARZ achieved what no other Japanese side could do since the NORA-Rengo days: finishing among the best eight teams at an international competition.

The back-to-back Japan League champions are the favorites to take the region's first seed and compete in the team's fourth consecutive international event.

CAG Osaka

Formerly known as CYCLOPS athlete gaming, CAG Osaka are headed to the 2024 season with one goal in mind: dethroning SCARZ.

Since taking over the region from NORA-Rengo's hands, CYCLOPS athlete gaming ruled Japan with an iron fist. The organization would qualify for almost every international event due to the team's consistency in its region. However, SCARZ's Japan League 2022 championship as a Tier 2 roster was just a teaser of what was to come.

Now seen as the region's second-best team, CAG Osaka's mission for 2024 must be retaking the leadership in Japan. To achieve that, the team made two changes and added ShuReap and Sironeko to their starting squad. Additionally, the organization signed Taichi "DD" Shintani and Takuma "SuzuC" Nakajima as the roster's new coaches.

Crest Gaming Lst

Crest Gaming Lst ended Year 8 on a high note as the team not only qualified for the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta but also defeated SANDBOX Gaming and won one map against Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Despite the organization's results in last season's second split, the Japanese decided to make two changes as Takashi "Arcully" Ono and Yushi "Vbort" Arai were added to the squad.


Although the Japanese roster couldn't qualify for any international competition last year, the team was close to doing so on multiple occasions. With the additions of Souichirou "Acerola" Kumazawa and Kazuki "Lily" Yamane, the roster could upset any team in the competition.


KINOTROPE Gaming includes three former Varrel members Yuuya "Aokayu" Okazaki, Jigen "Kawa" Akaiwa, and Shunnosuke "OkOmEsH" Koga. Under their previous home, the trio defeated Team Bliss at the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen and were sent home after a harsh defeat against Wolves Esports.

The players have been joined by the former Fnatic player Kousei "maou" Ota and Yuki "YuKiz" Ishii, with the latter also being in Copenhagen as he played for NORTHEPTION.


ENTER FORCE.36 has a big question mark next to its name as none of their players competed in the Japan League 2023.

The roster includes two former REJECT players who played in APAC North in Kyohei "Take" Koyama and Ryota "Window" Hirata. It's also worth noting that SkysKyskY and h4su have been on the team since Apr. 2020.

Father's Back

Father's Back is one of the oldest organizations in Rainbow Six Siege as they joined the competitive scene in Jun. 2016. However, the brand's debut in the game's Tier 1 will come tomorrow.

Many will remember Father's Back for the team's DreamHack performances in 2019, as they competed in Valencia and Montreal. Unfortunately, no players from that squad remain on the team's active roster.


VITE completes this year's list of teams in the Japan League 2024 with a very inexperienced roster. The organization recently added the former NORTHEPTION player Akusu, who competed in the Japan League 2023 Stage 2.

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