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Is Rainbow Six Siege pay to win?

No, but there are purchases!

A lot of times, titles with in-game purchases are accused of being "pay to win." This means that players would have to make purchases in order to remain competitive or risk falling behind. 

Since Rainbow Six Siege has some things that can be purchased, sometimes gamers wonder if Rainbow Six Siege is pay to win. 

Does Rainbow Six Siege have in-game purchases?


Ubisoft is known for having games with microtransactions and Rainbow Six Siege is no different. 

In Rainbow Six Siege, there is an in-game currency called Renown that unlocks operators and cosmetics. You can earn Renown by watching tutorials, completing single-player missions, playing online, and purchasing them. 

Operators are the main thing people purchase with Renown. Operators range from 500 Renown to 2000.

People will sometimes accuse Rainbow Six Siege of being "pay to win" because each operator has its own special loadout and gear, meaning some are stronger than others in certain metas. Sometimes the most popular or meta operators are ones that must be unlocked, causing people without enough Renown to become frustrated. 

So is Rainbow Six Siege pay to win? 

Despite some frustrations with unlocking the ever-growing operator roster, Rainbow Six Siege isn't pay to win. You can easily be competitive and without a disadvantage without unlocking operators with Renown. Of course, it never hurts to unlock more operators to ensure you have everyone you need for every situation, map, and meta.