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Hyper and Ecl9pse leave DarkZero Esports

Hyper had played SI qualifiers with Mirage.

Paul "Hyper" Kontopanagiotis and Tyler "Ecl9pse" McMullin have both left DarkZero Esports. They were the lone members left from the organization's 2019 lineup.

After joining DZ in May 2019 to replace Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis, Hyper's addition to the DZ squad immediately led to success with the team finishing the subsequent ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals in second place. 

Following this tournament, DZ said goodbye to Zachary "Nyx" Thomas and Alexander "Skys" Magor and welcomed Ecl9pse to the team. Ecl9pse had previously played at two Six Invitationals, two Six Majors, and two Pro League Finals for the American Rogue roster. 

In the years since all three of Hyper and Ecl9pse's teammates have changed as the team continued hunting for their first global title. DarkZero won the August 2020 Regional Major and the organization reached nine global events in a row before finally winning the Six Charlotte Major.

Following this DZ narrowly missed out on both the Berlin and Jonkoping Majors as they ended the NA League stages in fifth place. During Stage 3, Hyper took an "extended break" from DZ and was replaced by a returning Skys. He more recently stood in on Mirage during the Six Invitational open qualifiers.

Now both he and Ecl9pse have left the organization leaving DZ with spaces to fill before their 2023 Six Invitational appearance in two months' time. It is currently unclear if Skys will remain with DZ to fill one of those spots.

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