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How to mute players in Rainbow Six Siege

Sometimes you just gotta.

Rainbow Six Siege is a competitive team-based shooter that relies heavily on communication and strategy just as much as mechanical skills to overcome the enemy team. But there still may come a time when you need to mute a player on your team, making you wonder: How do you mute players in Rainbow Six Siege? 

It's luckily not too hard to mute teammates in Rainbow Six. Here is how: 

How to mute players in Rainbow Six Siege — Option 1

  • Before a match, head to the main menu
  • Go to "Sound"
  • Adjust the slider for in-game voice chat, muting everyone in the game

How to mute players in Rainbow Six Siege — Option 2

  • In-game, bring up the "Player" menu
  • You'll see a microphone next to each player
  • Click on the player you want to mute and you'll see a white line through their mic

The first option will mute everyone in the game, which can be problematic for callouts and strategy. This isn't recommended in most situations. The second option allows you to mute just the problematic players, however many that may be. 

Can you mute text chat in Rainbow Six Siege?


You can mute players in text chat as of Operation Grim Sky. This is also easy to do. Simply hover over the text box in the Player menu. This is located to the right of the audio. Then just click it! You can turn off chat for teammates and enemies, making this a useful feature when needed. 

Why would you mute someone in Rainbow Six Siege? 

While communication is key in Rainbow Six Siege, sometimes there are reasons you will need to mute someone during a game — even a competitive one. Muting is quite common when someone is being toxic, for example. 

If someone calls you names, starts screaming, or is otherwise unproductive and disruptive during a match, muting them can actually improve your team's chances of succeeding. It's unfortunately common for teammates to blame each other for a lost round and start throwing out insults over the loss. This can be distracting or even just leave you feeling disheartened. 

In those instances, it's better to mute players than deal with the toxicity.