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How does Valorant's store work?

Valorant's in-game store may be a bit complicated to understand.

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Valorant's in-game store is arguably what every player should check when logging in. While purchasing skins won't improve your aim, giving your weapons a new look may help you to make your experience more unique.

Unfortunately, some people get lost and miss out on incredible cosmetics. Say no more - here's what you need to know about Valorant's in-game store!

How does Valorant's store work?

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Valorant's store is divided into two categories: featured and offers. While featured includes bundles that stay in the shop for a fortnight, the skins on the offers section rotate every 24 hours. So, if you like a skin featured in the offers section, you better grab it before you forget!

Recently, Valorant players had access to the Kuronami Bundle, which was incredibly successful due to its detailed design. Unfortunately, players don't have access to it anymore.

What kinds of cosmetics can I find in Valorant's store?

Players can get any kind of weapon skin in Valorant's store, from guns to melee cosmetics. It's not exclusive to fire weapons!

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However, players can't get buddies,cards, or sprays. To get these, you must go to the Accessories tab. There, another offers section will include four items that will be able to be purchased during a week.

Can I use Kingdom Credits in Valorant's store?

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Unfortunately, players can't use Kingdom Credits to purchase weapon skins in Valorant. Kingdom Credits can only be used to purchase accessories or agents.

Keep in mind that players can't gather more than 10,000 Kingdom Credits at a time, so make sure to use yours before reaching the limit!

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