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Heroic qualify for Six Jönköping Major

After missing out on the Berlin Major, Heroic will be the lone Nordic organization in Sweden.

Heroic today qualified for the upcoming Jönköping Major with an upset win (7-1) over Rogue on the final day of the EUL. Despite Natus Vincere's best efforts, Wolves securing two rounds against them confirmed Heroic's appearance at the Jönköping Major.

Heroic went almost flawless on Villa's defensive side as the team won five of the six initial rounds. With this result, Rogue are confirmed to miss out on the Jönköping Major, which also means the players won't be able to defend their Six Major crown.

An impressive run saw them only lose three matches this stage -- against BDS, Wolves, and MNM. The latter, alongside Rogue, were the favourites to earn top four finishes coming into the final play day. 

The result means that Heroic will attend their second Six Major of the year after previously finishing top in the EUL in Stage 1, only to finish in last place in their group at the Charlotte Major. Heroic then finished Stage 2 in fifth place behind G2 Esports on round difference, before making two roster changes in September. 

These changes saw Marc "jume" Steinmann and Maxime "Meloo" Cahagnet replace Georgi "GorgoNa" Stoyanov and Jake "Sloth" Brown, with the two rookies becoming core cogs in the roster. 

These changes worked, allowing them to immediately return to international play at the next opportunity. Now, they'll be hoping to better their Charlotte Major performance at what could be argued to be their home event. 

While the roster includes no Swedish players, it does include members from Denmark, Finland, and Norway, and Heroic will be the lone Nordic organization in attendance. 

Heroic now have three weeks to prepare for the Six Major, which will kick off on Nov. 21.

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