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Here’s the three must-watch games on Day 3 of the Jönköping Major

It all comes down to these 16 games.

A total of 16 games will take place tomorrow in the third of three group stage play days of the Six Jönköping Major. Every team will play twice, starting from 10:30AM CET (UTC+2), across two channels. 

With so many games happening, it may be hard to keep a track of all of them, so here are the three biggest games to watch on day three and why they are so important.

11:50AM -- Wolves Esports vs FaZe Clan

Wolves Esports beat FaZe Clan in their first meeting in a 7-4 result. Now, FaZe will need to overturn this result in their rematch in order to ensure they stay ahead of Dire Wolves.

Dire Wolves get to play Mirage first, a game they will likely win, putting them ahead of FaZe unless the Brazilians can take down the Frenchmen in their subsequent game. 

While FaZe do have an advantageous round difference, a stomp over Mirage by Dire Wolves tomorrow could even that out and would make getting the points early against Wolves very important.

For the Wolves, this is also key, as they need just a single point in this game to qualify for the playoffs for the second stage running. But, they have looked in incredible form and multiple players have been the best for them at different points, so they are going to by heavyweight favourites against FaZe at this point.

3:50PM -- MNM Gaming vs Black Dragons

All four games in Group A will be key in determining which teams out of Black Dragons, MNM Gaming, and CAG qualify for the Six Major’s playoffs. This is because these three teams each have five points, with MNM set to play CAG and BD, and the latter two set to also face Soniqs. 

This gives MNM the advantage, as they don’t have a game against first-placed Soniqs yet to come. As such, unless BD and CAG can take them down, MNM will advance to the playoffs. 

With this in mind, CAG previously took MNM to overtime before losing 6-8. This makes their meeting tomorrow incredibly exciting, as the rematch could decide both team’s fates.

6:30PM -- TSM vs Team Liquid

Similarly, Heroic and TSM sit in second and third place, tied on six points. 

Tomorrow they both play SANDBOX -- who they’ll likely beat -- and Team Liquid -- who they’ll likely lose against. With Heroic holding the head-to-head over TSM, this means that of the North Americans want to reach the playoffs, they have to beat Liquid.

Team Liquid currently look like one of the best teams in the tournament and have made it to the semi-finals of the last two Six Majors they’ve attended. Meanwhile, TSM are the reigning world champions -- albeit with two roster changes. This should be the matchup of the group stage.

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