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Give back bundle: Valorant to release bundle of weapon skins chosen by the community

What skin would you like to make a brief return to Valorant?

Weapon skins make Valorant different from other shooters on the market. The concepts created by Riot Games' designers are unique and make the players' in-game experience even more special. However, there's a flaw in Valorant's skin system: the bundles are time-limited.

Unfortunately, this means that bundles only stay in the shop for three weeks. After that, you won't be able to purchase it anymore and you will have to wait for the skin to randomly show up in the game's shop.

If you ever regretted not purchasing a skin, don't worry: today may be your lucky day as Valorant announced the return of the Give Back Bundle.

What's the Give Back Bundle?

The Give Back Bundle is a unique group of skins chosen by Valorant's community. The most-voted skins will make a return for a brief period of time, giving the players the chance to purchase them.

Valorant's X account included four polls where fans will be able to choose between the following weapon skins:

  • Oni Phantom or Ion Vandal
  • Valiant Hero Ghost or Ion Sheriff
  • Sovereign Guardian or Reaver Operator
  • Reaver Spectre or Gaia's Vengeance Ares

As we previously mentioned, the four most-voted weapon skins will make a return to Valorant. If the voting ended today, the Oni Phantom, the Ion Sheriff, the Reaver Operator, and the Reaver Spectre would return to the game. However, fans still have two days to vote!

What seems to be safe to say is that the Spectre will make a return to Valorant. The bundle was first released in October 2020 as part of the Patch 1.11. Therefore, it makes sense the fans are excited for its return to the game!

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