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Four LOUD Valorant members stuck in Northern Ireland, team likely to not train before VCT Americas start

The team is having visa issues

Four LOUD Valorant members stuck in Northern Ireland, team likely to not train before VCT Americas start

LOUD's Valorant IGL Matías "Saadhak" Delipetro admitted in a Twitch stream on his account that his Brazilian teammates are stuck in Northern Ireland following the conclusion of the VCT Masters Madrid as they are working on getting new visas to compete in the VCT 2024 Americas Stage 1, which is scheduled to start on April 6.

Luckily for the IGL, he was allowed to travel back to Los Angeles, California, United States as he's Argentinian and he doesn't have to renew his visa yet.

"Their visas work in a way that they have to renew them every three months," the Argentinian told his viewers. According to Saadhak, LOUD first "tried to bring them to the American embassy in Spain" but the potential dates for the appointment didn't match with the squad's plans.

"The only country with a serious date for us (his teammates) was in the American embassy in Northern Ireland," Saadhak explained.  "This means that they will arrive here (Los Angeles, California, United States) very late, just so you can have an idea, the team won't train for the upcoming split because we won't have time, the first game is on the sixth and they will get here somewhen between the first and the fourth," the Argentinian added.

"The maximum we will train will be two, three days, because they will also have to rest, you know," he explained. "Also, it's eight hours of jet lag," he added. Finally, Saadhak also mentioned the possibility of a schedule change to move their initial matches to a later date, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

The Brazilian-majority roster had a great start to the season after qualifying for the VCT Masters Madrid, where they finished in fourth place. Now, the team's next goal is to qualify for the VCT Masters Shanghai. Unfortunately for the green roster, not being able to practice for the upcoming stage will severely hurt their chances of qualifying for the tournament held in China.

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