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Former RuneScape CEO showcases Ascendant Infinity, new Apex Legends inspired tactical FPS

That's quite a change of genres

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Developer PlayFusion Studios revealed gameplay of their upcoming title Ascendant Infinity, a tactical FPS inspired by Apex Legends that will mix both PvP and PvE as four teams of three duke it out to extract resources from a dangerous setting described as BioPunk.

PlayFusion's CEO, Mark Gerhard, was previously CEO of Jagex, developers behind the iconic RuneScape, working with the company between 2009 and 2015.

Ascendant Infinity is a game that offers a great visual experience for fans of 80s aesthetics, providing plenty of customization options for players to experiment with. The game features a biopunk setting, as described by PlayFusion, that is extremely colorful, and the overall vibe of the game matches the high-octane gameplay inspired by Apex Legends.

The gist of the story is simple: you wake up from cryofreeze after a thousand years to find yourself in a world that has undergone a transformation caused by an event called the Cascade. This transformation has led to significant advancements in biotechnology, making advanced bioengineering a part of everyday life.

The ample biodiversity of Ascendant Infinity will be a key part of its gameplay loop, as each match will feature different landscapes, extraction points, enemies with varying strengths and weaknesses, and unique weapon dynamics.

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As for the gameplay, four teams of three compete in dynamic battles to secure limited biocores, requiring planning, coordination, and adaptability. With so many variants in a single match, your team will have to decide what to prioritize: Should you go after the biocores now, or wait for the chaos? Engage directly or wait for a strategic shootout?

Players will get access to all kinds of weapons, from shotguns to assault rifles, snipers, and grenade launchers. On top of that, vehicles will be up for grabs so players can traverse the dangers of the biopunk world faster.

So far, Ascendant Infinity is confirmed to launch on PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store). If you're interested in trying the game, you can sign up for the upcoming Closed Beta testing via their official site.

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