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LIVE FaZe Clan vs Rogue in the grand-final!

Brazil versus Europe in Berlin.

Rogue win Berlin Major in five-map, triple-overtime thriller against FaZe Clan

After being much-maligned in Stage 2, the EU region has won again after 1,015 days.

All 15 rounds!

IT IS 7-7 ONCE MORE! FaZe Clan are back in it!


This time Spoit CAN do it, as he gets a triple kill to decimate the FaZe Clan attack!


Spoit cannot win a 1v2, and FaZe force overtime.

The scores are tied at 5-5

We will have all 12 rounds of regulation time, at least, if not another overtime.

Rogue win the first half 4-2

They were on the attack and looked unstoppable.

Both teams are ridiculously evenly matched

FaZe took a 2-0 lead on the defense, but Rogue have come roaring back to tie it 2-2.

It's time for the final map of this Berlin Major

FaZe banned Hibana and Goyo, while Rogue banned Maverick and Azami.

We're going all the way!

Rogue win Bank 7-5 to force the fifth and final map, Clubhouse.

Rogue are up 6-5

Bank may just not go in FaZe Clan's favour here.

The crowd is absolutely electric

THIS is how a crowd should be!

Spoit 1v2 denies Cyber the ace

We have a third 3-3 half

Rogue run out of time, as FaZe play their final defense on Bank perfectly to tie the score 3-3.

We also had 3-3 halves on Border and Villa.

We get started with the operator bans on Bank

Bank is a heavyweight FaZe favourite, with the Brazilians opting to ban Hibana and Echo -- the latter being a direct counter to Deapek. Rogue responded with a Ying and Azami ban.

FaZe win the map 8-7

They overturned a 1-5 first half.

We're going to round 15!

FaZe Clan win the round and force round 15, in a flip of what happened on Border.

It's OVERTIME again!

FaZe level the score, coming back from 6-3 down.

FaZe are marching back

We may have another overtime on our hands; the scoreline is now 5-6 to Rogue.

Rogue are on match point on Skyscraper

After a 5-1 first half, Rogue are now on match point at 6-3.

Rogue take the first half 5-1

Rogue are firmly in control

They complete a full defensive sweep of every bomb site necessary.

We get started on Skyscraper

Rogue banned Montagne and Aruni, while FaZe banned Thatcher and Kaid.

Rogue win on Villa 7-4 to level series with Deapek 1v3

Rogue are now on match point

We have another 3-3 half

We have another contender for play of the tournament

FaZe have taken the early lead on attack

They're up 2-0 on their own map pick and Bullet1 is 6-0-0 in terms of K-D-A.

There was a mistake in overtime on Map 1

As a result, FaZe attacked first and Rogue then attacked for two rounds in a row.

FaZe ban Nokk & Valkyrie, Rogue ban Flores and Azami

We're off on FaZe's map pick, Villa.

The Map 1 SiegeGG Ratings

FaZe Clan:

Astro - 1.14
Cyb3r - 0.91
cameram4n - 1.00
Bullet1 - 0.99
soulz1 - 1.28


Deapek - 0.70
Spoit - 1.12
LeonGids - 0.94
Cryn - 0.96
Kantoraketti - 1.14

FaZe win Border 8-7

After two match point, FaZe win Rogue's map pick, Border, by an 8-7 scoreline.

We're going to all 15 rounds

Rogue hit back with a superb attack, just like FaZe's Round 13, and force a Round 15.

It's match point for FaZe again!



FaZe are on match point

FaZe tie up the half after a Bullet1 quad-kill

Bullet1 is looking really dangerous and he gets a quad-kill to tie up the half 3-3.

FaZe finally answer back, tie things up 2-2

Soulz1 gets his revenge in round 4, denies Deapek a 1v2 clutch this time.

Deapek denies soulz1 the ace

Spoit answers FaZe's first-round win with a 1v2

Ying & Valkyrie from FaZe, Nomad & Castle from Rogue gets banned

Border has begun!

Border, Villa, Skyscraper, Bank, and Club House will be the maps

Rogue bans Kafe, FaZe bans Oregon.

Rogue picks Border, FaZe picks Villa. 

Rogue bans Theme Park, FaZe bans Chalet.

Rogue picks Skyscraper, FaZe picks Bank.

The decider will be on Club House.

The home crowd has a clear favourite

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Rogue are in the Berlin Major grand-final.

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FaZe are back in the grand-final of a Major.

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The Berlin Major grand-final will make history.