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EUL Finals to be held from Dec. 16 to 17

The event will also see the EU Challenger League final.

Image: Ubisoft/Kirill Bashkirov

Ubisoft yesterday announced the details for the EUL Finals, which will be held from Dec. 16 to 17.

The top four EUL teams across 2022, Wolves Esports, Heroic, Team BDS, and MNM Gaming will clash in order to crown the European champion for the season. Additionally, the event will see Dunlimited and TENSTAR clash in the EU Challenger League grand-final.

Schedule and Format

All four matches will be BO3, with Wolves Esports taking on MNM Gaming and Heroic taking on Team BDS on Dec. 16 in the semi-finals. The winners of those two will then play in the EUL grand-final on Dec. 17, right after the Dunlimited vs. TENSTAR Challenger League grand-final.

Both days will start at 4:30PM CET (UTC+1), with Twitch drops also available for viewers.

Prize Pool

The €100,000 prize pool will be divided as follows:

  • 1st place: €50,000
  • 2nd place: €25,000
  • 3rd place: €12,500
  • 4th place: €12,500

Twitch Drops

The drops will all be on offer individually and feature no duplicates, but will also offer Battle Pass points for the Y7S4 Battle Pass in Operation Solar Raid, the recently-released in-game season.

Every viewer can earn one pack for every three hours of watch time, though only one pack can be earned per day.

[R6SE] EU Finals 2022 Competition guide - Twitch Drops

Esports Dokkaebi Set:

  • Mischievous Essence Uniform
  • Mischievous Essence Headgear
  • Modest Demolisher MK 14 EBR Weapon Skin
  • Dokkaebi Charm

Esports Vigil Set: 

  • Shrouded Confidence Uniform
  • Shrouded Confidence Headgear
  • Veiled Response K1A Weapon Skin
  • Vigil Charm

Esports Amaru Set:

  • Uncanny Motivation Uniform
  • Uncanny Motivation Headgear
  • Adamant G8A1 Weapon Skin
  • Amaru Charm

Esports Fuze Set:

  • Reliable Silence Uniform
  • Reliable Silence Headgear
  • Hard-Hitter 6P41 Weapon Skin
  • Fuze Charm

Esports Mozzie Set:

  • Cosmic Nexus Uniform
  • Chromosphere Headgear
  • Constellation Commando 9 Weapon Skin
  • Mozzie Charm

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