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EUL Day 9 Preview: Final two Berlin Major teams to be decided on final day

All eyes are on Europe, as the last two Berlin Major spots will be awarded later today.

G2 Esports face Heroic for a Berlin spot

Last stage, Heroic clinched a Charlotte spot for G2 Esports after they beat Rogue in the final match of the split. Now, both G2 and Heroic need the win against each other to qualify for the year’s second international event.

Heroic’s chances are better than G2’s, though. Heroic just need to go to overtime to not just clinch a Berlin spot, but also to kill Karl “Alem4o” Zarth and company’s chances. 

In the case G2 Esports get a regulation victory over Heroic and MNM get at least one point against PWNZ, G2 would need Secret to lose by 4-7 at worst.

Despite G2’s poor start to the stage, where they only got one victory out of five games, the Berlin-based team’s current three-win streak has brought them back into contention. Today, the team has the chance to cap off what would be an historical comeback. 

Will BDS miss their first-ever LAN?

As of now, Team BDS’ seven-event LAN streak is the longest in the scene. Today, Team Secret, or results elsewhere, could end that impressive streak.

Team BDS head into Europe’s final play day three points behind MNM Gaming and Heroic, who are in fourth and third respectively. A loss to Secret or even conceding overtime would spell despair as they would miss out on Berlin. 

BDS’s record this season has been woeful compared to previous stages despite Stephane “Shaiiko” Lebleu currently six kills from cracking the 100 kill mark again. Last week’s victory over current leaders Wolves Esports gave them a flash of hope -- a 45% chance of qualifying for Berlin – if a regulation victory over Secret takes place.

Players and fans must keep an eye on MNM Gaming’s match and the clash between Heroic and G2 Esports. If the marshmallows manage overtime against PWNZ and Heroic defeat the Berlin-based team, BDS’s Major chances will automatically decrease to zero. 

In order to qualify for Berlin, BDS need a miracle. A regulation win will only get them a 45% chance at best at qualifying, as various other results will need to go their way.

Just one more point for MNM Gaming

MNM Gaming must go to at least overtime against PWNZ if the team wants to qualify for Berlin. Anything but a regulation loss works for them, as they already have a three-point gap to G2 and BDS.

Individually, MNM Gaming have some of the best players in European competition. Fatih “Solotov” Turker has led the team in terms of entry kills and was vital at the start of the season. Meanwhile, Josh “Yuzus” Pritchard’s performances (especially against BDS, G2 Esports, and Secret) have granted his team some very important points.

MNM qualifying for Berlin would mark the team’s second international event after the Six Invitational 2022, where they survived the initial group stage. Now, being more mature and experienced, the team could be a force in Berlin. 

But that depends on if they get there and that’s not guaranteed after they squandered an easy run-in at the end of Stage 1 to miss out on the Charlotte Major.

All of this will happen while Secret, Outsiders, and Natus Vincere will fight to get the best position possible to get a better number of SI Points, which could be decisive come the end of the season.