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EUL Day 3 Key Takeaways: BDS hand G2 third loss of Stage 2, Wolves lead after perfect start

Amid the first European super week of the stage, this is what happened on playday three.

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For G2 Esports, bad things always come in threes

Some regional league matches transcend the regional barrier and are followed by the entire community, mainly due to the importance of one or both teams.

G2 Esports and Team BDS is one such match, even though both teams are far away from showing their true potentials. Amidst what we could call a European Siege Dark Age, the performances from teams in the European League are watched closely.

Playing on Villa, G2 Esports had a good start to the map after starting on defense. Getting up to 3-1, G2 Esports’ lead was eventually eliminated after two successful BDS attacks.

It was a back and forth game where no team could escape from the other. On round nine, G2 Esports led the French by 5-4, giving the fans some hope of forcing overtime at the very least. But BDS responded just in time to win the three following rounds and secure all the points.

Despite the result, Jack “Doki” Robertson had a solid performance with a SiegeGG Rating of 1.31, finding some personal redemption after a very poor showing against Rogue.

G2 Esports also dominated in terms of entry kills, getting eight of the possible 12 entry kills. Despite their superiority in this area, BDS converted most of the rounds anyway.

Sadly, the highlight of the match was the amount of hate sent towards the G2 Esports players after the team’s third loss in this stage of the European League, which led Kevin “Prano” Pranowitz to disable his Twitter account.

Benja saves Heroic’s day

Theme Park’s first appearance in Europe’s second stage happened yesterday in the game between Heroic and MNM Gaming, a clash that went to overtime after Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen clutched the 12th round.

Benjamin “Benjamaster” Dereli had an astonishing performance, securing his team 16 kills and five entries. On top of that, the Danish player recorded a perfect KOST after having a contribution in every round of the game.

Last week’s Heroic hero, Georgi “GorgoNa” Stoyanov, had another massive performance, while Nathan “Grizzly” Harding clutched the last overtime round to give his team two very well earned points.

Risze keeps Wolves’ perfect start alive

Back on play day one, many poked fun at Valentin “risze” Liradelfo for his 0-12 record in Wolves Esports’ 7-5 victory over G2 Esports, including risze himself.

The Belgian’s response to his performance has been the best – smile, grind, and hit back with immediate results. Risze led his team to victory against MNM Gaming last week with a SiegeGG Rating of 1.63 and did the same versus PWNZ with a 1.62-Rate performance. After getting zero kills on play day one, he is now up to 27 after play day three.

Wolves’ performance against the Russians was good and they took Oregon by a 7-5 margin. As of now, Wolves lead the standings after Heroic’s overtime victory, with both teams having had a very similar calendar – both have already faced MNM Gaming and PWNZ.

The two teams are set to face each other next on the second play day of this wek on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Natus Vincere secured a 7-1 win against Outsiders, which slotted the team into fourth place. Rogue, who faced Team Secret, also secured the three points, keeping them in third.

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