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Dire Wolves pull off shock win over FaZe Clan to draw level on points and remain in playoffs hunt

Back to back wins for APAC!

After losing earlier in an upset against Wolves Esports, FaZe Clan would have been eager to make up some lost ground by trouncing the ill-practised Dire Wolves. 

Dire Wolves came into the game with half of APAC’s wins so far in this tournament under their name and just three points shy of FaZe in second place. A win would set them up to be playoff contenders.

Meanwhile, Dire Wolves would also have been eager to recover from a 2-7 loss earlier today and a 1-7 loss against FaZe themselves on Monday.

Dire Wolves’ attacks

On the opening round, despite Dire Wolves getting an early opening kill and JackyWu managing three kills himself, they lost the round as they struggled to enter the building.

FaZe’s Cyber earnt a quadruple kill himself, as a flawless round came from the strong FaZe Clan we’re used to watching. 

But, from here, the Brazilians fell apart. 

In the following two rounds, Dire Wolves suffered just a single death before they themselves were wiped in round five. Finally, the Taiwanese finished their attacks off with another win as Soulz was grenaded out shortly after managing a double kill himself.

This put the scoreline level at 3-3. While Cyber had a 9-4 kill record, Astro and Bullet1 had just one kill between them. Similarly, Souffle and Ed had just one kill each, while JackyWu and Reeps96 had seven each. 

FaZe Clan’s attacks

As sides switched, FaZe still looked lost. Reeps96 added to his seven with a triple kill to completely shut down FaZe’s entrance into the building. In the following round, the Chinese player earnt another double kill before Bullet1 killed both him and Souffle in a 1v4 situation. Bullet1 eventually ran out of time, however, before finding the final two defenders

A FaZe timeout was aimed to slow Dire Wolves down before they could hit the six-round mark, yet Cyber was the first player to die in the round that followed and FaZe were forced to resort to simply rappelling into the site. While Astro then got the defuser down, he was immediately shot in the head by Souffle who got his third kill of the round. 

Finally, Dire Wolves didn’t squander any chances to take the win as FaZe simply got too aggressive. Their Blitz pick came to no avail, ending the game at a 7-3 blowout in the APAC South team’s favour.


This result puts Dire Wolves tied on points with FaZe Clan. The 1-7 loss yesterday hurts their round difference and head-to-head records, however.

Tomorrow, both FaZe and Dire Wolves are set to play Mirage and Wolves Esports -- not each other -- which means that every point will count. 

In this game, Reeps96, Dire Wolves’ rookie sensation from China, excelled to the levels in which we’ve seen in APAC South. His 14 kills to six deaths and four out of four opening engagements won are statistics rarely seen against the likes of FaZe Clan and definitely not by an APAC roster.

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