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CS2 to add weapon keychains according to leaks

Valve could be adding a new type of cosmetic to CS2

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Following the conclusion of the BLAST Premier Spring Final, won by Team Spirit, multiple leaks have popped up in the CS2 community, including potential new maps coming to Valve's title and even the launch of CS2's first Operation.

However, one of the most surprising leaks has been regarding the addition of a new cosmetic to Counter-Strike. Reputable CS2 leaker Gabe Follower unveiled Valve's intentions of adding keychains to the game's weapons, explaining that "CS2 keychains collide with their guns, which are separate entities."

Gabe had previously mentioned this in a video released in February 2024. Now, four months later, the new cosmetic may be just around the corner.

If the rumor turns out to be real, CS2 would follow Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant's footsteps. While Ubisoft's title calls them "Charms", Riot Games' uses the term "Gun Buddies." Some esports organizations have already called out the resemblance, as other shooters usually take inspiration from Valve's shooter.

Looking at Valorant and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's items, these can be attached to any weapon in the game. Additionally, some of them can only be obtained by completing monthly goals or watching streams. This is the case in certain esports competitions, like the BLAST R6 Major and the Six Invitational (Siege) or the VCT Masters and the VCT Champions (Valorant).

Although the release of these new cosmetics to Counter-Strike has hyped a big part of the game's community, some fans have complained about the addition of something so minimal. Instead, they would prefer seeing the release of new updates to the game's anti-cheat. Unfortunately, no massive anti-cheat updates are planned for the near future.

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