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Copa Elite Six Stage 2: Meet the Mexican teams

Meet the teams from Mexico.

Mexico heads to the second Copa Elite Six of the year with a singular goal; upset the Brazilians. With a format that supports their endeavors, can they make it happen in Stage 2?

Six Karma

Once again, Six Karma has finished at the top of the standings in Mexico. For those unaware, Six Karma’s roster includes former Estral Esports players José “Fungi” Vidales, Cristopher “SkMzY” Espinosa, Daniel “P1XIE” Castelo, the Mexican wunderkind Rodrigo “Rovi” Quiroz, and one of the most notable Mexican players, Saúl “Morphed” Torres.

Six Karma have been playing some good Siege and have lost just two games in all of Stage 2 – both of them in overtime. The team’s highest rated player this stage has been Rovi, who primarily played Finka and Alibi, although his final Rating was hugely boosted by his final performance, a 2.42-Rated match against Fenix Esports.

Since day one, the team has been shifting roles to accommodate its players. Rovi started as the team’s Iana main, while Morphed was still using Nomad. As the weeks passed though, the team changed roles and operators, especially on attack, and it now seems like the team has got a very solid killing potential.

Regarding map bans, the team has been reluctant to play Oregon, Skyscraper, and Bank, while Chalet (3 times) has been the team’s most common map.

And as for operators, Six Karma’s favorite operator ban this season has been Kaid, who they have got rid of in five of their seven matches. 

Team Cruelty

Last stage, Team Cruelty’s CES hopes were killed by ALPHA Team on the very final play day of the split. This time, the opposite happened.

Former Atheris duo Luís “Guicho” Gómez and Luís “Navy” García are back at a Copa Elite Six after signing for Team Cruelty just before the start of the season. However, the team’s highest Rated player at this stage has been the team’s Finka and Jäger main, Braulio “GladiuZ” Neri.

Cruelty’s favorite map in the competition has been Villa, but they have shown great adaptability on the rest of the maps in the pool. In terms of operator bans, Cruelty usually go for the Valkyrie and Thatcher ban, although we have seen the team banning operators like Maverick or even Echo. 

Team Cruelty have shown great strength at clutching rounds and rank third in the competition with eight total clutches, only behind MET Reven with nine and Fenix Esports with 11. 

Catch the Mexicans in the Copa Elite Six tonight, which starts at 1 PM BRT (UTC-3).

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