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Campeonato Mexicano to go online for final two play days

A positive COVID-19 case has forced the league to make a decision.

The end of Campeonato Mexicano's third stage of the year will be playsd online after a "league participant" tested positive for COVID-19.

Dear Rainbow Six LATAM community, we regret informing you that we have identified a positive case for COVID-19 among one of the participants in the league. The safety and health of the players and the staff is our first priority, so we have decided that from the first of October, our local leagues will be operated online and with just the minimum staff required until further notice.

The games and schedules remain unchanged. We appreciate your understanding and we hope you keep enjoying with us of the #SUR6, #MXR6, and #BR6. 

The decision comes with just two games remaining in Mexico, as six teams have still chances to make it to the Copa Elite Six. 

Six Karma locked in their spot after winning their first five matches, as they have absolutely dominated the third stage in Mexico. Their dominance is also reflected in the statistics, as three Six Karma players are among the best four players in the league. 

Meanwhile, ALPHA Team, Fenix Esports, and Skull Cracker are the three favorites to take the final Copa Elite Six spot. 

ALPHA Team heads to the final weekend of competition in second place with a one-point lead against their two main oppositions. Fenix Esports have the toughest schedule of the trio, with the team still having to face Six Karma. Meanwhile, former Natus Vincere player Joe "Joe" Crowther and his teammates at Skull Cracker will face Team Cruelty and Reven Esports.

You can follow all the action starting from Sunday 5pm MX (UTC+5).

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