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CAG Osaka Manchester Preview: Cyclops back to international stage after missing out on São Paulo

The Cyclops will compete in Manchester after obtaining Japan’s second seed.

Banner Image: Ubisoft / João F. @itsmeERROR

Long gone are the days when CAG Osaka ruled Japan with an iron fist. It has been a over year since the organization’s last first-place finish in their region’s top-flight – in APAC North 2022’s third stage. Just like they dethroned Nora-Rengo during Year 5, SCARZ ran over the Cyclops to confirm themselves as Japan’s newest top force.

Following staff moves, roster changes, and even an organizational rebrand, CAG Osaka began Year 9 with some great news: the Japanese would be at the BLAST R6 Major Manchester.

Here’s what you need to know about CAG Osaka’s first stage of the season:


Here are all of CAG Osaka’s Stage 1 results:

Japan League 2024 Stage 1

  • CAG Osaka 7-5 Crest Gaming Lst (Nighthaven Labs)
  • KINOTROPE Gaming 2-7 CAG Osaka (Border)
  • CAG Osaka 4-7 VITE (Nighthaven Labs)
  • ENTER FORCE.36 1-7 CAG Osaka (Clubhouse)
  • Father’s Back 7-4 CAG Osaka (Kafe Dostoyevsky)
  • CAG Osaka 7-0 IGZIST (Clubhouse)
  • SCARZ 7-3 CAG Osaka (Clubhouse)
  • CAG Osaka 1-2 IGZIST (Border 7-3, Kafe Dostoyevsky 6-8, Border 5-7)
  • CAG Osaka 2-0 Father’s Back (Clubhouse 7-5, Border 7-2)

CAG Osaka started the split with three victories in their first four games of the season. With SCARZ looking a bit shaky with two wins and two defeats, the Japanese had reasons to feel hopeful.

Unfortunately, CAG Osaka looked inconsistent during the whole stage. Eventually, the team’s defeat against IGZIST in their first playoff game forced them to win against Father’s Back to get Japan’s fifth seed.

Japan League 2024 Stage 1 Last Chance Qualifiers

  • CAG Osaka 8-7 Crest Gaming Lst (Skyscraper)
  • CAG Osaka 7-2 KINOTROPE Gaming (Skyscraper)
  • CAG Osaka 7-4 VITE (Chalet)
  • CAG Osaka 2-1 KINOTROPE Gaming (Oregon 4-7, Border 7-2, Skyscraper 7-3)

CAG Osaka qualified for the BLAST R6 Major Manchester after winning Japan’s Last Chance Qualifiers. The players started their bracket run with a maximum overtime win against Crest Gaming Lst, which was followed by one-sided wins against KINOTROPE Gaming and VITE. Finally, the Japanese qualified for Manchester after defeating KINOTROPE Gaming for the team’s third time so far this season.

Map and Operator bans

CAG Osaka's main ban this season has been Bank, a map they targetted ten times in the Japan League 2024. Kafe Dostoyevsky, with seven, Consulate, with six, and Oregon and Clubhouse, with five, follow.

Meanwhile, Ying and Azami have been CAG Osaka's most banned operators. The Japanese roster banned Azami from every match this season except for their group phase clash against ENTER FORCE.36, arguably the worst side in the league, and the second map of the series against Father's Back.


CAG Osaka began Year 9 with the additions of ShuReap and Sironeko, who joined the team to replace Takashi "Arcully" Ono and Takuma "SuzuC" Nakajima.

The Cyclops played 12 maps in the Japan League 2024 Stage 1 and finished in fifth place after the team's 2-0 victory against Father's Back. Reon "Anitun" Sakai got the second-best SiegeGG rating (1.20) in the league. Meanwhile, the team's newest additions ShuReap and Sironeko followed closely with SiegeGG ratings of 1.10 and 1.07.

It's worth mentioning how everyone contributed massively toward the number of entry kills as each player got at least 11 entry frags. Additionally, the planter role was being moved around as Anitun, ShuReap, and Sironeko obtained a combined number of 24 plants in 12 maps.

The team's numbers were slightly different in the Last Chance Qualifiers. With an average SiegeGG rating of 1.32, Ryuya "Chibisu" Hamasita was the best player for the Cyclops.

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