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Bleed Esports qualify for Six Invitational 2024

Bleed Esports will be in Brazil on February.

Banner image: Ubisoft / Kiril B.

Bleed Esports have qualified for the Six Invitational 2024 after defeating Soniqs at the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta. The Asian roster won against the Americans by 7-3 on Skyscraper following a perfect defensive half.

With their second victory in Atlanta's Phase 2, the Chinese-majority roster have overtaken SANDBOX Gaming on he Global Standings and have been elevated to 18th place. As Team BDS and LOS are the only teams capable of overtaking the Asians, Bleed's spot has been confirmed.

Bleed Esports have joined SCARZ, DPlus, FURY, and Team Bliss in the Six Invitational 2024, as APAC could have not five but six teams playing in Brazil on February. Right now, it's all up to Team BDS and LOS, whose results could make SANDBOX Gaming fall of the Global Standings' Top 20.

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