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BLAST's R6 Share skin for the 2024 season is out now

You can't miss out on this skin.

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The R6 Share program is a crucial part in Rainbow Six Siege's esports ecosystem. Including some of the most notable teams in the scene, organizations get 50% of the revenue made from their respective bundles. Additionally, BLAST and Ubisoft are also given a share that's used for competition prize pools and the game itself.

Plain and simple, the R6 Share program is a fantastic idea that allows the fans to support the competitive ecosystem while getting unique cosmetics.

However, teams aren't the only esports brands represented in the program. Today, BLAST's bundle has been released to the game — and it looks fire.

BLAST's esports bundle is the end product of a partnership with @MadeByKOOBI, a graphic designer who previously worked with the Esports World Cup and KOI.

The bundle includes two cosmetics: a unique gun skin for Ash and Iana's G36C and an universal operator card background. Unfortunately, the weapon skin isn't universal.

BLAST's bundle includes multiple elements from northern-european culture, which can be seen on the universal operator card background.

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