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Benjamaster2k to leave Heroic, open to tier-one and tier-two offers

The Danish player will leave Heroic after the EUL Finals.

Image: Ubisoft/Kirill Bashkirov

Benjamin "Benjamaster2k" Dereli yesterday announced his intention to leave Heroic after the EUL Finals on Dec. 16 and 17.

The move will mark 15 months on the team for him, after he got his top-flight debut with this team when it was playing under cowana Gaming. He then continued on with the team when it signed with Heroic at the start of the 2022 season.

With Heroic, Benjamaster managed qualification to the Charlotte Major and Jönköping Major in 2022, with the former coming after an impressive first place finish in Stage 1 of the EUL. He will also find a chance to win his first piece of silverware with the EUL Finals in two days, with his team up against Jönköping Major champions Team BDS in the semi-final.

The young Dane was the best player for Heroic in Stage 3, finishing the EUL stage as the fifth-best player by SiegeGG Rating and with the fourth-highest overall K-D and second-highest Entry K-D.

This followed similar form in Stage 2, where he was the seventh-best player in the EUL, and Stage 1, when he was the eighth-best player. This consistency was seen as early as his debut EUL stage last year, when he was the 10th-best player by SiegeGG Rating in Stage 3.

A player of his calibre is likely to have other tier-one offers, but things may not fall into place until the end of the Six Invitational in Feb. 2023.

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