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Battlefield 2024 update 6.4.0 - Full patch notes, expected downtime

The final update of Season 6

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Season 6 of Battlefield 2042 is about to get the last major update with patch 6.4.0. It will add a few more modes for players to experience during the final weeks of the seasons, including Control.

Control is played as 24v24 across Reclaimed, Orbital, Valparaiso, and Arica Harbor, with the aim of collecting telemetry data to upload to the Arkangel Satellite. Update 6.4 will add support for two more maps: Breakaway and Discarded.

Looking ahead to Season 7, DICE will improve the Persistent Servers function for Battlefield Portal. Stating that going forward if Battlefield 2042 does not have an active Season, all Custom Experiences created within Battlefield Portal will now benefit from server persistence for two days, whereas previously this wasn’t available.

Time to take a look at all of what patch 6.4.0 will bring to Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 update 6.4.0 - Full patch notes

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Arkangel Directive

  • Take and hold rotating objectives to upload tactical telemetry, collect the most telemetry to command the region, and earn Ascension Points to purchase vehicles

Persistent Servers update

  • Going forward, if Battlefield 2042 does not have an active Season, all Custom Experiences created within Battlefield Portal will now benefit from server persistence for two days, whereas previously this wasn’t available.
  • During an active Season, if you are a Battle Pass owner you will still benefit from 7 days of Server Persistence. Allowing your server to remain active for a longer duration of time.

Improved Aircraft Gunner Directional HUD

  • Taking onboard Player Feedback, you will now be able to see the direction of your Gunner with more clarity.

Included the ability to select between Default, Legacy, Both or Disable this HUD feature within the Options screen. This functionality is titled as ‘Helicopter Gunner View’.

  • Default: Battlefield 2042 's standard HUD with the weapon barrel showing the gunners direction.
  • Legacy: Inspired by previous titles. This shows the gunner's pitch and yaw, while using an animated triangle inside a larger rectangular box.
  • Both: Both of these elements will be visible at the same time, with one being placed above the other.

Helicopter Impact Point UI HUD

Similar to the improved options for the Gunner Directional HUD above, players will now be able to select between different Crosshair Indicators for their Impact Point Crosshair. You can now choose between a Cross, Plus, Circle or disable the crosshair within the Crosshair Options screen.

AI, Soldier and General Improvements

  • Resolved an issue that resulted in some players experiencing a blackscreen on Breakthrough
  • The Penguins got their highlighter pens out and your chosen Custom Player Color will now apply to the Squad and Players Screen, as well as your Gadget Icon
  • Resolved an issue where pressing the right click in quick succession on a weapon during the deploy screen would result in it selecting weapons underneath it within the list
  • Resolved an issue where the Medical Pouch is displaying an incorrect string of text as part of its Hardware Unlock criteria
  • The Scatter Grenade should now correctly track its progression
  • Fixed the EMP sound from playing incorrectly when you’re ejected from a Mounted Vulcan that has been destroyed by the OV-P Recon Drone
  • The Codex has now been updated to allow for audio entries
  • Resolved an issue where the EBAA Wildcat was playing audio whilst not having a radio
  • Ammo and Medical Pouches are now resupplied from Angel's Loadout Crate
  • Fixed some scenarios where Dozer using a zipline while holding their shield would result in them not making it to the end of the zipline. Please stop skydiving Dozer, that’s Sundance’s job
  • Resolved an issue where the Squad Spectator Modifier would incorrectly have the Show Player Card and Deploy Button would be assigned to the same button
  • Resolved an issue where the VOIP channel doesn't automatically switch when getting removed from a party


  • A legacy option for the Gunner Direction HUD is now available.
  • Options to choose between Standard, Legacy or both Gunner Directions are now available within the Options Screen
  • Added the ability to define the color and shape of the Impact Point Crosshair on Air Vehicles. You’ll now be able to choose between a Cross, Plus, Circle or disable it
  • Updated missing vehicle icons
  • The Gunner Camera on Stealth Helicopters will no longer reset to a default position when entering the seat

Battlefield 2042 update 6.4.0 release date and expected downtime

Patch 6.4.0 is expected to drop on February 28. The official Battlefield Comms Twitter account confirmed that maintenance will start at 12 pm UTC and last for around two hours.

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