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Astralis Rainbow Six reports $190,000 revenue and $320,000 operating expenses in 1H2022

The Astralis Group have released their financial report for the first half of 2022.

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Astralis released financial details from their operations between Jan. 1 and Jun. 30 as required by their listing on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock market.

Their net revenue in this period totalled DKK 44.9 million ($6,050,000), an increase of DKK 5.7 million ($770,000) compared to the first half of 2021. In total, Astralis saw a net loss of DKK 6.3 million ($849,354) before tax, effectively half the loss of the same period last year (DKK 12.7 million).

These figures are for both the organization’s management, various acquisitions, and the five games Astralis is involved in; Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Fortnite, FIFA and Rainbow Six Siege.

Looking just at Rainbow Six, which is the only part of the Astralis US division, their net revenue was DKK 1.4 million ($190,000) to expenses of DKK 2.4 million ($323,563). As well as housing costs and player and staff wages, this will also likely include a buyout of Seth "Callout" Mik from Wichita Wolves.

While this was a loss, Rainbow Six is still Astralis’ second most profitable game with a net earnings loss of DKK 1 million compared to a loss of DKK 1.2 million in FIFA, DKK 2.2 million in LoL, and a net earning of DKK 5 million in Counter-Strike.

Rainbow Six was also referenced when talking about the company's recent successes and future plans:

In Rainbow 6, our acquisition of Disrupt gaming and the establishment of Astralis R6k have secured participation in the North American Rainbow Six League, and the team has come off to a strong start. With a vigorous performance in our first ever R6 Major, where we reached the Grand Finals, we see even stronger numbers across digital channels. Through the acquisition of Pixel TV, increased activity on our digital platforms, the establishment in North America through Astralis US Inc and our Rainbow Six team we continue to improve our digital presence and strengthen our position and potential as a media business.

Earlier this month, FaZe Clan also released their second-quarter financial report, but this included no specific details about their Rainbow Six team. The organization made a $9.32 million net loss from April to June, an increase from their $7.63 million loss in Q2 2021.

Finally, Enthusiast Gaming, the owners of Luminosity Gaming (who have an NACL roster), also released their Q2 figures. They saw a revenue of $51.1 million and a gross profit of $15.3 million. However, their Rainbow Six operations were obviously a minuscule portion of this and weren’t even mentioned when listing their recent expansions into games such as Rocket League, Apex, and Halo.

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