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Arsenal player Gabriel Jesus has lost his $38k CS2 account

The brazilian player is asking for help to recover it

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Losing your CS2 account might be tough, whether it's because of the hours invested in it, the money spent to get exclusive weapon skins, the effort put in to reach higher ranks, etc. This time a football player from a very well-known Premier League team has lost his account and the community has found out how much money he had in it.

Banned and asking for help

The Brazilian forward for Arsenal, Gabriel Jesus, went on X to ask for help after his CS2 account got VAC banned. He claims that the ban was unfair and even tagged the official Counter-Strike account to see if they could check it out.

Shortly after he posted that, the folks from the website shared a link to check out the inventory of the currently banned account. You can see that the player has an impressive collection and all of his cosmetics are worth close to $38,000.

It seems that Jesus started investing in skins around November of last year, when the value of his account started to go up significantly, and has gathered some high-value cosmetics since then.

In case you don't know, being VAC banned means that an account has been banned by Valve's Anti-Cheat system. Since this process happens automatically, there might be some occasions where a player gets banned unfairly, which is why Jesus is asking the developers to review his case and maybe get his account back if they don't find anything suspicious.

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