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Supr: “This season has the deepest amount of talent that North American Challenger League has ever had”

Seth 'supr' Hoffman shares his thoughts about getting acquired by the Susquehanna Soniqs, and the upcoming season of Challenger League.

After many weeks of speculation and rumors circulating about Challenger League team Elephant Gang being picked up by an organization, the truth has finally been set free. Wednesday evening, a new esports organization dedicated to giving greater representation to the mid-Atlantic region of the United States by the name of Susquehanna Soniqs announced the acquisition of eGang.

Since their loss at the NA Relegation match to then-Noble Esports and quarter-finals exit at the United States Nationals to the hands of Cloud9, Elephant Gang has been silently sitting, picking up Lauren ‘Goddess’ Williams after Cloud9’s transfer to Team Reciprocity and recently participating in the Six Invitational 2019 Online Qualifiers only to get knocked out of the Losers’ Round by ‘92 Dream Team. In the mid-season, they welcomed back Jason ‘GhxsT’ Luu after his departure from Rise Nation.

We had the chance to talk with the captain, Seth ‘supr’ Hoffman and discuss their new home with the Susquehanna Soniqs, and future outlook on the upcoming Challenger League season.


What is Susquehanna Esports, as an organization?

Susquehanna Esports is dedicated to bringing professional esports teams to the Central Pennsylvania/Mid-Atlantic region. Their goal is to support the region’s growing esports community with live events, skill training, and top quality game play.


How did they end up picking Elephant Gang, and what did the team see in the Susquehanna Soniqs?

The Soniqs contacted me shortly after I had tweeted out that we were seeking representation for the season. At first, I was skeptical because it was a new organization. As talks progressed I began to become a believer and the Soniqs flew us out to talk to management and get a feel for what they were about and what they can offer.

I was immediately convinced as I found the city of Harrisburg, where the organization is based out of, a delight. The vision the organization had for us and the team was pretty on par with what I would want from an org and for our team. The ability to back us, not only in terms of team housing and practice facility year round, but the family atmosphere and the Soniqs’ vision for a community environment really pushed it over the top for me.


The trend of newer organizations diving into Rainbow Six as their first foray hasn't been a trend, what's it like to be part of the organization's first esports teams and does this place a certain amount of pressure on the team?

Obviously being the inaugural team for an organization places a bit of pressure, but I believe it's pressure we're able to handle.

I found the prospect of not only being part of an organization from the ground up, but the ability to grow with the organization as we hopefully trend toward Pro League different from a lot of other orgs and offers we had received. Rainbow Six, as a game, has grown immensely in popularity and the competitive scene for the game only keeps growing. I think we'll start to see even more newer organizations like the Soniqs and Dark Zero, for example, enter the scene.


What is the organization providing the team, that you can tell us about? (bootcamps, team houses?)

Currently, we each have our own individual apartments and a practice facility where they've provided new PCs and dual monitors for us to play on. We also hope to attend any upcoming DreamHacks and other events that may be within North America, as well as tremendous management and community support.


How does the rest of the team feel about this change?

We are all excited and feel blessed to have the opportunity to be given what I deem as an advantage heading into the Challenger League season, and hopefully into Pro League. We are all ready to get the season started.


What do you expect out of the Challenger League season, and how is the team preparing for Season 9?

We have been scrimming and dry running every day in an effort to improve our team work, chemistry and overall play. Obviously, with replacing Kanine and Trippen with GhxsT and Goddess, there were changes to be made and things we all needed to get used to in terms of how our new players may play differently from past. However, I've been happy with our progress and our growth and I expect great things. I believe this is the best iteration of the team that there has ever been.


Who are your biggest threats in Challenger League at the moment?

I believe there is a lot of competition in Challenger League this season from top down. In past seasons there has been a clear gap in skill past the top two or three teams, but I truly believe this season has the deepest amount of talent that North American Challenger League has ever had and I'm excited to see how teams perform.


Do you have any messages for your fans, heading into the season?

Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for sticking with us and follow the Soniqs on Twitter. Also, it's 16 cents a day (or a free Twitch Prime sub) to learn from the best (me) and have unlimited access to OTS VOD reviews. SuprGoat.


The Susquehanna Soniqs are:

 Seth ‘supr’ Hoffman

 John ‘Avian’ Ackerly

Lauren ‘Goddess’ Williams

Scott ‘Neptunez’ Webber

Jason ‘GhxsT’ Luu

You can check out the Susquehanna Soniqs play during North American Challenger League beginning tonight, March 15th, where they will take on Disrupt Gaming at 8 PM Eastern and Vicious Gaming at 10 PM Eastern.

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