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KS “It’s hard but I think we’re figuring it out”

We met with Niklas "KS" Massierer at the 2019 Six Invitational to ask about their experience at the event and the remaining half of the Pro League.

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KS has an impressive history in R6S attending almost every notable event since the beginning of Year 2. Firstly he played on PENTA Sports, now known as G2 Esports, at the Seasons 4 through 6 Pro League Finals, winning the first two. Following this, he joined 1UPeSports, later known as OrgLess and Mock-it for the 2018 Six Invitational, the Season 8 Finals and, most recently, the 2019 Six Invitational.

KS while on Mock-it via @verdipwnz

At this Major, his lineup of KS, ripz, Vale, Korey, Cry1NNN and Lazzo (their coach) surprised many as they took down one of the favourites, Team Liquid (7-2, 4-7, 8-6), before losing to them in a close rematch (6-8, 7-5, 5-7). Despite this performance, the roster is currently struggling in the Pro League as they sit in seventh place in the European region. This, however, hasn’t dissuaded the massive Ukrainian organisation of Natus Vincere to acquire the roster shortly after the Invitational.

Prior to this pickup, on the Saturday of the Six Invitational, we spoke to KS to ask about his thoughts on the rest of the event and their remaining Pro League matches:

How do you feel about your performance at the Six Invitationals?

I think that our performance at the Six Invitational was way better than expected because our performance in the Pro League wasn’t that great so I’m pretty sure we showed everyone that we still can be as good as if not better than last Season.

The statistics between Team Liquid and Mock-it during their first matchup of the 2019 Six Invitational

Can you tell us what you have done to improve after a very weak start to the Season?

So firstly we had a new player and we hadn’t like taught strats, worked with the strats and worked on our strats so what we figured out was to put less hours on other teams and put more time on our attacks and our strats and after we done this we got two wins so it obviously worked out.

How’s it been bringing in that new personality of Cry1NNN into the roster?

It’s hard because his experience is completely different, he’s not used to playing in the Pro League obviously. He’s playing a different role to BakaBryan, not a support, he’s playing one of our fraggers so we had to change a little bit, for example, I’m not being full support any more, I'm being a bit of a flex because we don’t have a flex player any more and he’s learning to frag a little more, we’re changing it around. It’s hard but I think we’re figuring it out.

The team’s full statistics at the event.

Are you ready for Kaid and Nomad coming in during the next half of the Pro League?

I think both operators are getting picked a lot but I think they’re getting banned a lot as well against certain teams I would say. We, for example, haven’t scrimmed yet with these new operators so we’re not sure but once we get home we’re gonna start playing with the new operators and start scrimming.

What lessons have you taken away from your Invitational appearance?

Yeah, we made some mistakes which happened a couple of times here and now we have to talk about these mistakes to ensure we don’t make them over and over again and, yeah, that’s what we’re going to be doing after the event.

Who do you think will win the 2019 Six Invitational?

I think G2 is gonna win but I think it’s gonna be a tight game cause G2 is not looking as good as they should be, already they’ve had really hard games against mantis, against actually everyone and I think if G2 is going to play that way against Empire then I think Empire could make it. Empire plays the same stuff again and again and if you learn to play against them you can win but Empire’s like, I don’t know they just get the frags.

To win against Empire is about map banning and analysing Empire and if they’re both great you can win against Empire. If you look into the Pro League, Empire obviously stomped every team but every team went close to them, against us it was like 7-5 so it was close, so you have to see what can you improve from your mistakes before you next play against them. You have just to analyse and bring the map bans and then you’ll win against Empire.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

The first thing I always say is thanks for all the support which we still get even if we’re playing badly which hopefully we’ll improve in the future - I’m pretty sure we’ll get better in the future. And, yeah, the Invitational is great, it’s like a must-go event. If you can go to one of these events go to them, I’m pretty sure everyone will agree, you will not forget this.



Na’Vi’s next game is against PENTA Sports in around two weeks when the Pro League returns. To learn more about this lineup you can read our interview with Korey right here and catch coverage of their games and more interviews right here at SiegeGG