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Owning a Piece of Siege History

Some thoughts on future cosmetics and graphical concepts to accompany, alongside thoughts on how to greater integrate esports in Siege's content.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they sell not only all the skins, gloves, and knives you can imagine, but also a whole lot of CSGO esports-related items from souvenir stickers with players’ signatures and event commemoration stickers. But one feature that struck me as unique, was the souvenir weapon skin.

The idea is that during the matchup, one player (typically, the MVP of the game) will be designated to apply their a gold holographic sticker of their signature, their team’s logo, the opposing team’s logo, tournament logo, and a random predetermined skin specified for the map that they were on.

These are then applied to a gun, it can even be a weapon the player didn’t use whatsoever. The gun is then included in an RNG-determined collection of many others, and unpacked as part of a ‘souvenir pack’.

A souvenir package, containing a collection of guns with Fredrik ‘REZ’ Sterner’s autograph.


An example of the ‘souvenirs’ that can be obtained- as shown through Kjaerbye’s pistol.

These all seem like incredible ideas, and with Siege’s growing investment in their esports scene following the release of the pilot program and impending Six Invitational-exclusive packs, the idea of souvenirs would help to not only promote the teams that are playing but their individual players and their highlights of the events.

However, I would like to think that the players receiving such didn’t have to receive a souvenir that had nothing to do with the match the player was involved in. My take on this concept would be a little bit more unique, something much more intimate.

Stop and think for a moment of some of the biggest highlights of 2018 alone- Pengu’s Invitational-winning clutch on Coastline, Acez’ 1v4 clutch against NiP at the Paris Major, Wokka’s ace against Rogue at the Season 7 Finals. All wonderful moments that have defined the year and shaped it to become as unique as they are.

Now, imagine if you could own a virtual copy of that same weapon. Take Wokka’s ace at the S7 Finals, he used an SG553 with the coveted Black Ice skin. You could replicate such skin, add some commemorative design or ‘stickers’ on it, then re-release it on the next-highest tier to the original skin.

Have these skins available in a limited-time pack (similar to the 2019 Collection) only up for a week post-Invitationals, and after that the skins go into the Alpha Pack pool. This would make the skin much more of an exclusive grab and highlight not only the team but the player/event as well.

Quick mock-up of what an ingame overlay + design for what a souvenir-grade weapon would look like. I decided to 'etch' in the Black Ice skin to fit with the skin's aesthetic more, this can vary between skin designs.

Or not only this, but additional charms that could be event-exclusive and feature the signatures of players who attended. While the Pilot Program helps to boost the image of Pro League and the teams who participate, this could be a great way to give people an option of supporting their favorite professional player even just casually in-game or finding out about a new player/moment where newer users can have this introduction.

If I was a newer player who somehow obtained Acez’ FO-12 that gave Fnatic the S8 Finals shock victory over Evil Geniuses, wouldn’t it be worth looking up and finding out when he used it?

With the growing attention Siege is gaining as an esport, this could be one of the better steps to get people invested in the teams and players involved. The application might be difficult since what makes CSGO’s reselling market for skins is what makes the skins so coveted amongst others- they have mints and they’re limited edition.

Having a skin that is universally obtainable but locked behind the RNG of a non-microtransaction mechanic such as alpha packs might not be worth it in the end, but obtaining such a skin might be more of an accomplishment simply because of it being a tier higher than its original skin.

Another concept that came to me was also surrounding the inclusion of stickers, a cosmetic that is as deeply ingrained in the CS:GO community and has its own hype window separate from any major it accompanies. The inclusion of major/PL-themed stickers would give fans another way to support their favorite players outside of the pilot program skins. Different foils and variations can be applied to tiers of accomplishment that the player achieved, such as reaching the semi-finals or the grand finals of a major (or making the corresponding Pro League LAN).

The only concern that could be openly visible is the ‘stealing’ of the sticker concept from Valve- but seeing as Siege has their own unique cosmetic in the form of charms, these could work as charms just as well. Below are some concepts I’ve brewed up.

First iteration- Invitational 2019 stickers. 


Accompanied previews of some foil designs, silver still being marginally in 'beta'.


Some Pro League designs, once again using signatures. It was slightly inspired by the FACEIT Major sticker collection.


First allotment of Source-rendered stickers.


Another view of the stickers in Source engine.

I’m looking to continue updating these concepts, eventually to smooth out the foil and gold variants and build a compendium of Pros’ autographs. For the time being, mega-thanks to LaXInG, FoxA, Helbee, and z1ronic for contributing their signatures at the Six Invitational 2019!


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