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Skys: "I'm Beyond Confident in LAN Environments"

In preparation for his Six Invitational 2019 appearance tomorrow, we spoke to Team Reciprocity’s own Alexander “Skys” Magor to ask how their preparations for the event are coming along.

Almost six months after their win at DreamHack Montreal (DH MTL), where they secured their appearance at the Six Invitational 2019, the former roster of Cloud9 will be looking to elevate their newly found success during this current Pro League season to the International Stage. During the “Super Month”, Team Recicprocity, achieved a 5-1-1 record, with their only loss being against DarkZero on the last week of the first half which made them drop to third place in the standings.

The day before Pro League Season 9 started, the addition of Alexander “Skys” Magor to the roster in replacement of Lauren “Goddess” Williams was announced. With this change, the team achieved their best results since their win at DH MTL. On Skys' part, though, he wasn’t able to find much success after being relegated twice with the rosters of Counter Logic Gaming and Obey Alliance. But even though the results haven’t been the best for Skys, he will be playing his third Major in a row, all with different teams, and he’s one of the few players to have played every Siege Major ever.

From left to right: Skys, Hopez, Laxing, FoxA, Mark and Retro.
From left to right: Skys, Hopez, Laxing, FoxA, Mark and Retro.

We spoke to Skys to ask about their expectations and preparations for the next big LAN event, the Six Invitational 2019:

Firstly, can you introduce yourself and your roster?

I am Skys and I play for Reciprocity with LaXInG, FoxA, Retro, Mark & HOP3Z.

Could you tell us a little bit about what are the team’s roles?

Everyone on the team basically plays a flex role, nobody plays just 1-2 specific operators or spots.

You went from being relegated two seasons in a row to joining Team Reciprocity and losing only one game in the first half of the Pro League season. Did you make any changes in your gameplay or mentality to achieve this kind of results?

The only way I can answer this question is it's a team game and it takes five people that want to win as much as each other and commit the same amount of work to do it.

LaXInG and yourself were known as one of the best duos in the game during your time at Elevate. Has that dynamic helped with the success of the team so far? And if it has how?

I think it has definitely helped specifically because on the roam Gabe & I have so much chemistry that we don’t even need to call out what we are doing most of the time; we can see each other's position and understand the idea behind it.

You’ve played at every Siege Major in the history of the game. Will your experience at the biggest stage help your team in any way and how do you feel about playing at the Six Invitational again?

I'm beyond blessed to have played at every major and I'm beyond confident in LAN environments. I will do all I can to help the rest of the team with confidence and staying focused.

Your group at the Six Invitational is Group A with FaZe Clan, Fnatic, and Ninjas in Pyjamas - which of these do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Every team in our group is strong so we are not underestimating any of them.

You are facing the Australian side of Fnatic in your opening game, how have you prepared for this match up?

Can’t give too much info away but we know they are a very aggressive team and will work with that the way we see fit.

What are your goals for 2019 as a team?

Same as always & same for any other team. WIN WIN WIN!

What gameplay and esports changes would you make to Rainbow Six?

Vault shields [place them into quarantine], decrease the amount of utility on attack/defense. Nerf Glaz, Ying, Dokkaebi, and Ash.

Any messages to your fans?

Thank you guys for all the support everyone on the team appreciates it and we hope to make y’all proud.

Team Reciprocity's Six Invitational 19 debut will be the opening game against the Australian side of Fnatic at 10:10 am EST/ 15:10 UTC on Rainbow6Bravo. Keep an eye out for more interviews and Six Invitational coverage here at SiegeGG!


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